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Cricket. Snore……

I do’t have a lot of time to watch tv, even though I really enjoy it.

Often when I do have the time (in the evenings after the kiddos are n bed) I’d rather write, blog, or edit photos. Ryan will watch something and I’ll edit photos becoming absorbed in them without realy noticing the tely much.

The one time of day I really do like to watch tv is while eating my lunch.

Ellen and the View are both on from 12:00 to 2:00, so often I’m able to catch part of either one of those shows after the boys are down for their naps. (For the record, I do miss Oprah. muah.)

I figure it’s good practice for me to sit down and actually STOP while I eat, so watcing TV is a good incentive for me. If I’m not on the tely then no doubt I’ll continue flitting around the house – laundry, tidying up, cleaning the kitchen – in between bites.

Tely at lunch ensures I have a “rest”, even if it’s only a half an hour.

But some days I sit down with my lunch, flip on channel nine, and find… CRICKET.

Summer and cricket are synomomous in Australia. And channel nine is the cricket channel much to my dismay.

The problem is not that they play it, the problem is that they play it INSTEAD of the only two decent daytime tv shows that are free-to-air.

And not only that… but crickets last all day for five days.


What kind of a game is that anyway?

I call it a party pooper game.

Might as well just go finish the laundry.




Q for you: Do you watch tv while you eat? Maybe I should use that time to read instead. Hmmmmmmm……




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Anger management issues?

I’m not sure if it was just a post birthday crash or the Monday morning blues or just a case of waking up on teh wrong side of the bed… but this morning levi was a crazy man.

he spent most of the morning, not just in tears, but fake crying/sort-of screaming and throwing tings.

Melt down city.

Several tiems I was able to change teh situation and calm him down, but then something else would set him off again.

(Wow, just as I’m writing this I’m realizing that this is his normal teething behavior. Oooops. Didn’t even think to check his teeth. I think it’s probably time to put his amber teething necklace back on.)

[Hello tangent.]

As I watched him this morning – throwing trains, hitting the chair because he tripped on it, etc – I saw so much of myself in him.

I saw my own weaknesses, my own temper, my own raging emotions.

The only difference is I’ve learned how to control them a little better.

There’s many times where I felt like throwing my computer agains the wall, or ramming into a car that cut me off, or losing it at a customer service rep on the phone. (Or throwing my kids out the window.)

The ony thing that holds me back is my own developing maturity and self-control.

Same emotions, different response.

It helps me not to get angry at him when he’s losing it – remembering that he’s feeling the same way I often do, but just doesn’t yet have all the tools to handle or help solve the situation.

So I do my best to difuse, distract, and disciple him in how to respond when things get messed up or broken or hurt.

I’m leanring to keep my cool with him, just as he’s leanring to keep his cool with life.

And i think… maybe my kid odesn’t have anger management issues after all. Maybe he’s just having one of “those” days and needs a little more help to navigate through.

After all, I can relate to that too.



Q for you: I’m not the only one who wants to throw my computer at the wall sometimes, right? Right? What helps you keep your cool when the pressure’s on?




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My husband–I mean kid–got a new train set

train set


We’ve talked about not wanting the house to be filled and filled with toys.

But already, only two years into this gig, we have a lot of toys!! Amazing how they build up, even though we haven’t actually bought very many of them.

For the ones we do buy ourselves, we try to be pretty selective and smart.

For Levi’s birthday we decided to get him a train set.

We planned on getting him a little starter set taht could be built on and extended later.

But whenw e went to buy it they had this mountain pass set on sale for a ridiculous price. Only a little bit more than the starter kit.

So we went for it. Why not??

it has buildings, farm animals, trees, construction workers and signs, emergency vehicles.

The only thing it’s missing is a Starbucks.

It’s a pretty cool set. Maybe even over-the-top a little.

Tonight at 9pm after the kids were in bed I caught my husband playing with it. Alone.

No doubt half the toys we parents buy are becuase we want a reason to play with them again.

Why do you think care bears, smurfs, transformers, the muppets, adn all things 80’s are being remarketed? Totally targeting the parents who want to buy them for their kids and reignite their old childhood passions.

And train sets – classic. They will never get old.

Fun tiems.

I’m digging Levi’s train set. (he already loves it too.) No doubt Judah will soon follow suit.

And Ryan? Ryan is in heaven.

Levi’s aunties also had fun putting it together with us.

I’m pretty happy about our choice of gifts.

One to make the whole family smile.



Q for you: My most treasured childhood toy was the coveted Cabbage Patch Kid. My uncle brought him back from Japan for me. His birth certificate was in Japanese… so I named him… Tyson. What was your favorite childhood toy?




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A new hobby for a new year


It’s been twenty years.

Twenty. Years.

That’s the last time I’ve used a sweing machine.

Until tonight.

I’ve been thinking about sweing for a while now. Since I dnot have a whole lot of “free time” right now I thought I’d wait a few years and then look into getting a sweing maching of my own.

But then after Christmas I saw these $300 machines go on sale for $99. And I just so happened to have Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket.

So I did it. I bought a mchine!

I’ve had some projects in mind, but frankly, I’ve been intimidated!

I couldn’t even remember how to thread a bobbin or whatever else I was supposed to know.

Luckily I have several sewing friends in my life.

Today my neighbor (and friend) Kim came and tutored me through it.

I felt like I was re-learning to ride a bike. Shaking. Nervous. A tiny bit fearful. Hesitant.

But also excited!

And you know what? It was like riding a bike! I picked it back up in no time.

Sure, I need a little practice. But even stil, my first project turned out great. I made super hero capes for Levi and his friend Max for their birthdays. (Shhhh… don’t tell them. It’s a secret!) I love the way they turned out and I’m excited to see them running around in them.

So… sewing, I’m baaa-ack.

How fun. A new hobby for a new year.

Merry Christmas to me.



Q for you: When is the last time you tried something new? Or old, again?



P.S. Have you liked CC5 on facebook yet?


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Come on sausage

It was about ten years ago.

I hadn’t been in Austrlaia that long, but long enough that I didn’t feel like I was experienceing “culture shock” anymore.

Until one lovely Saturday afternoon……

I was downtown shopping and just in front of me on an escalator traveling up was a mother and her young son. He looked around 2 or 3 years old.

“Come on sausage” she said to the little guy as she tugged his hand to walk onto teh platform.

I was mortified. SAUSAGE? Are you kidding me?

Child abuse! Emotional child abuse!

How could this woman call her son SAUSAGE??!!! Surely he would be scarred for life. Probably end up in counselin.g

I shook my head in dismay and wished I could somehow “fix” the situation and tell the little guy that he was just perfect as-is. Definitely not fat!

To me, calling someone “sausage” was akin to calling them “porker”. Or “bacon”.

totally rude.

Totally demeaning.

And then, a few days later I heard it again.

This time it was my boss’s (lovely, Christian) wife talking to her child.

And it hit me: that was not a mother talking down to her child, that was an Australian pet name!

I couldn’t believe it!

Really? Sausage?

(Hello culture shock!)

Since then I’ve heard it a thousand times.

Just as my own mom used to call me “pumpkin” (kind of weird now that I think about it, but also totally common in America), so this term – sausage – is a common term of endearment in Australia.

So there you go (Branson).

Have you hugged your little sausage today?



Q for you: What’s your favorite term of endearment?




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Oi oi oi

australia day with my boys


Today we celebrate Australia – the land of budgee smugglers, beer, kangaroos, koalas, surfers, and crocodile.s

Obviously there’s so much more than that to Australia, but I do love the simplicity of some of the stereotypes. Or icons. (I thnk icon is a better word here actually.)

Some of the things I love about this land’s people:

They tend to be unpretentious.

They are sports fanatics. (Not that I can relate to this one, but I do love the fanfare and camaraderie that comes with it.)

They love to be outside.

They work hard.

The relax well.

They call strangers “mate”.

Tehy take breaks adn have chats adn call them “cuppas”.

They are good at hospitality.

They gravitate to beaches adn parks for every single public holiday.

They use funny words like “smoko” or “servo” or anything shortened with an “o” on the end.

They call children things like “love” and “darling” and “possum” and “sausage”.

They have weird sayings and chants like “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!”

They make men like my husband. (Score! Big time!)

I’m grateful to be in this nation, celebrating our good life in this great land.

“Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free!”

Happy Australia Day!



Q for you: If you’ve not yet been to Australia, what comes to mind when you think of the Land Down Under?




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Twooooooo | I’m changed and still the same



This is Levi practicing “two”. He’s still getting the hang of it, but I’m really liking his current interpretation.

I can’t belive my little baby is turning two on Sunday.

That has been a fast two years. FAST. And yet it feels long too.

So much has changed.

I’ve changed, mostly.

Having kids changes you like nothing else.

And yet I’m still me. I’m still the same person I always have been.

Just different.

I wish I knew hw to describe that better to freinds who’ve not yet had kids. I know they want to understnad. But they can’t. Well, not completely at least.

So this birthday marks two years of motherhood for me.

But really it’s not about me.

It’s about my precious little peanut that’s invaded my heart.

He is so funny, so clever, so gorgous, and so adorable… i can hardly stand it.

I love this age. Yes there are tantrums and shananagans, but there is so much personality, hilarity, adn wonder and curiosity. I love that Levi causes me to see life differently.

I’m so thankful for my first-born.

But can’t believe I only have  a one-year-old for a few more days.


Mah Baaaaybeeee!



Q for you: Do you have kids? Do you get what I mean when I say they change you and yet you’re still the same?




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Bad mom, good mom? Nope, just best mom.

It’s amazing how–in the space of 48 hours–you can feel like such a terrible mom… and then like supermom.

Yesterday was a scream fest around here.

Don’t ask me why – I have no idea.

If I’d have known, I would have (possibly) known how to fix it.

But I didn’t.

Judah had two all-out screaming episodes, lasting 45 or 60 minutes each. I rocked, I paced, I bounced, I nursed, I went outside,I went in a dark room, I swayed, I sang. I don’t know what else I did (I prayed!), but nothing was working. NOTHING.

And even though I knew that his screaming was not a reflection on my parenting, it’s still hard not to feel like you’re somehow “failing” as a mom when you don’t know how to meet your child’s needs.

Today was a new day.

Levi was hyper. I mean, HYPER. And I was terrified because I desperately needed to go to the grocery store this mornign. (I try to avoid taking both kids if I have to. One is fine, but two can be tricky!)

But i had to do it.

Levi was amazing. Judah slept in teh Ergo. I did my shopping.

Everone was calm and–wallah–shopping done. I felt so good that we stopped for a coffee (and baby chino) and a donut before going home. (Yeah, I was sort-of rewarding myself!)

The rest of the day followed suit – great naps, calm mother, dinner prepped and in the oven by 4:30. Yup, rockstar mummy.

So today I felt like supermom.

I’m not a better mom than I was yesterday. But I do feel better.

Amazing how feelings can, um, make you feel.

Anyway, on “good” days and “bad” – I’m the same mom. Super? Not always… but best? (for my kids)? Yes.



Q for you: How do you keep from “judging” yourself based on others’ behavior?



p.s. Oh, and getting my post finished before 5pm? It really is a supermom day.


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Putting on my home manager’s hat

This year I decided to make my new year’s goals public.

I did that because I thought it would be good for me. I thought it might make them more real, help me to be accountable, and… maybe my pride (not wanting to fail publically) would help me follow through.

The good thing abotu goals is that they are something you work towards.

I dsort of think of resolutions as something you have to do right, right off the bat. And if yo fail, well then, you fail. (Who likes to fail?)

Whereas goals you work toward.

You see, if’ I’ve met all my goals byt eh end of the year then great. I win.

If I meet them sooner (and stick to them) well then I win even bigger.

But either way it’s totally achievable that i can win. I mean grow. That’s what i really want – to grow. (And to win.)

One of my goals is to get better organized when it comes to household stuff.

I’m naturally fairly organized. But I’m not a natural housewife, er, home manager.

By nature I’m a home winger. (Um, that means I wing it. Yes, I made that up.)

I stayed up late tonight working on charts and lists and all sorts of things to help me be more organized. I made three weeks worth of menus, including shopping lists. i made a weekly cleaning chart. A monthly cleaning chart. A daily planner with some goals in it. (ie shower and eat and make my bed and star the laundry before 10am each mrning. I know, profound, right? Baby steps people.)

I spent four hours getting organized. Four. Hours.

Hard, but good. Ithink it will help me simplify int he long run, which is what i want.

problem is I failed at one of my goals int eh process.

You see, one of my other goals is to go to bed by 10:30 each night… except for the ratre exception where I stay up later on purpose.

I guess maybe tonight i could say it was on purpose.

but really, it wasn’t. I had ano idea a few lists and charts would take me four hours.

Four hours.

And now my time is up.

Time’s up, and I’m tired.

But at least I’m organized.



Q for you: What do you do/use to help you with your home organization?



P.S. No, that photo has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was time for a photo and this was what I took on my phone today.


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Terra Nova shwerra wova (a silly, silly television show)

Is there a worse show on television this year than Terra Nova?


The trailers for it looked exciting and interesting… But it so doesn’t deliver.

It’s neither exciting nor intersting.

I’m pretty sure my husband is the only one that watches this show.

He’s not as picky as I am when it comes to acting, obviously. Because this show’s actors? Most of them are just plain silly.

(Yes, maybe there are a few gems, but overall? Silly.)

And the story line?

S i l l y.

Please Terra Nova, quit trying to be all LOST-like. You are not. You will never be. You are. not. good. 

Waive your white flag now before you’re lying maimed and tortured and hanging by a thread of your dear life. Give. Up.

If this show makes it past season one I will fall off my chair. (Which would be hard to do considering I’m sittgin on the bed.)


Eli Stone.

Now there’s a show that I enjoyed that didn’t make it past season one.


If you missed it, think Ally McBeal meets… I don’t know. Some other attorney show that I can’ tthink of the anme of right now. You know, the one with that one lady in it? And hte shoe shop? Tipofmytonguebuticantthinkofit…. Bah!

So then, if not Terra Nova, what is the new show to watch this year?

I’m htnking maybe Homeland? One episode tonight and I must admit I’m sucked in… looking forward to nect week. [Disclaimer: there was one very dodgy scene and a few swear words that I was surprised by. Hmmm.]

And the New Girl. Looking forward to checking out the New Girl. (How can anyone not love Zooey?)


Nerds that critique tv adn acting that we know nothing about.

Maybe that shouldn’t be plural?

Nerd. – just me.

Yes, I am. A nerd. (Does anyone still use hte word “nerd” anymore?)


I miss LOST.


Q for you: Please tell me you don’t watch Terra Nova. Every so often I watch it with Ryan, thinking surely it gets better… But it never does. Ever. What are you watching right now?


P.S. And then there is Modern Family, in a league entirely of it’s own. As long as Gloria and Phil and Cameron and Luke are in my life I will continue to believe that good television still exists. (By the way, did anyone see Luke on Ellen? That kid’s hilarious.)

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