A new blog for a new day

click, clink, stream, stop.

I laid in bed awake last night – New Years Day – when I should have been sleeping. I was thinking about the year ahead and some of my goals and things I’d like to accomplish.

So many.

But one of the main things I really want to do is work on my discipline. There are lots of areas where I need to pull in the reigns: Meal planning, reading, writing, prayer, building in more couple time, getting my body moving.

But there is so little time. So few hours in the day.

I need things that will take me minutes, not hours.

To be a writer (or to get good at writing) I know that I need to write every day. And trust me, I’d like to. (Hello, I enjoy it.) But with a newborn (who’s maybe not even a newborn any more) and a VERY busy toddler, I can hardly find the time.

Because, you know, when they have their one time a day where their naps overlap… I want to be napping to. (My sanity.)

So I thought maybe I could start a new habit, a new blog. As time allows I’ll still wrote for the Memos, and for the Bookers in Missions, and the private ones for my kids, but this one will be different. More raw, more spontaneous. But spontaneous and disciplined both.

One where I set my timer and write for five minutes a day. FIVE ONLY. Every day. Stream-of-conscious. No editing. No time to to be “prefect”. No time for “just right”. No time to plan.

Just sit down and write. Nothing fancy. Just some words on paper.

Virtual paper.

Oh, and photos are allow. But only phone photos. Cuz I want to take more photos too… but not spend a thousand hours editing them. And i finally have a phone that takes phoyos. And i kinda love it.

So here I am, just a few seconds left. My first entry. Day one.

5 minutes. No more, no less. No editing. No subject off limits. No holds barred.

One year. Can I do it?? Can I follow through?? Can I be disicplined enough to stick to the “rules”?

Or will I change them later? who knows. I can. it’s my project. And i’ve definitely not thought this one through.

Just jumping on board. Super spontaneous. Hello, maybe stupid? Maybe brilliant?

We’ll see.

It might be boring. it might be random. It might be awesome. So freaking awesome.

i don’t know.

But I do know:

There will be spelling errors. There will be things that don’t flow. There will be words misused and missing and mangled. There will be bad punctuation. (Worse than I already have.) There will be…


I went back and totally cheated. Added in a few phrases. Took two extra minutes. Day one – Fail.

Try again tomorrow. I’ll do better.

I can only get better. Right?

T I M E.

I probably shuld have googled my blog name before I chose it, huh? Yup, prolly should’ve.

What’s done is done. fast.

T I M E!  T I M E!!!

.S T O P.

About Adriel Booker

Author, speaker, advocate, and non-prof worker. Happily married city-lover, mama, and emoji enthusiast in the most beautiful city on earth. ✌️🌊🐨🏙️✨ View all posts by Adriel Booker

10 responses to “A new blog for a new day

  • Jenni

    Fun! I don’t think I could ever do this. The editor inside of me insists on edit, edit, edit whenever I write… lol It really gets in the way of writing multiple bog posts quickly. It’s something I should probably work on. 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      Believe me, I’m thinking the SAME. THING.

      And really hoping I don’t regret my spontaneous endeavor.

      Time will tell, I suppose! *sigh*

  • Tracy

    excited to follow you here as well! good luck and happy new year.

  • Nessa

    What a great idea! Love this and can’t wait to read more.

  • Branson

    I love it! Stream of consciousness is so freeing. And it is a great way to really get to know someone, too 😉 I look forward to seeiing what spills out on this page each day!

    • Adriel Booker

      Um freeing, maybe. But a little frightening! What if I’m just boring?! Or what if it’s too hard? Or what if I can’t let go of my neeeeed to edit? What if, what if, what if???! Arg!! 😉

  • ingenuemom

    This is such a great idea!!! I love it! I’m excited to read along on this blog as well!

  • Jessica

    I love this! I mean, I really, really love this idea. So much that the insane part of me wants to do the same, or start a blog where I can put my unedited thoughts done for the sake of bettering my craft (writing), an audience, and myself. But, it scares me, the commitment, I haven’t been able to commit to much lately. But, in spite of this, I want to give the whole thing a try. Decisions. Decisions.

    • Adriel Booker

      i know. the commitment terrifies me too. i obviously don’t like to fail – especially in public!! i guess that’s why i thought of it one night… and started it the next morning. i didn’t give myself time to think it through, count the cost, or strategize the “hows”, etc.

      you could definitely call that one of my strengths AND weaknesses – i tend to just go for it (jump off the deep end) and then clean up later.

      BUT, that’s how the Memos started – an idea one night and a blog the next day. (before then i’d never even read a blog! i knew noooothing!) and yet it was one of the best decisions i made that year (2010) and still is.

      we’ll see how this one goes. let me know if you decide to go for it and we can maybe think of a way to link up or support one another in it somehow…

      by the way, your sunday posts are often my favorite… if that means anything to you. 😉

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    […] will take discipline – it won’t just fall into mu lap. Discipline is part of the reason I’ve started this blog – getting me to write every day and cut it off at five […]

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