The difference between men and women

First of all let me say that this will not be a man-bashing post. nope. None of that allowed here. I love my man and if anyone bashes him, well, I’d want to bash them next.

Except that I’m not a violent person. So I wouldn’t actually bash them.

But that’s another subject.

So yeah, the diffference between men and women…

Yes men are generally bigger, taller, stronger (generalizzations here folks – don’t get all uptight on me), and yes they have different – ahem – parts.

But here is the easiest way to tell a man and a woman apart:

Leave a spill on the counter and observe how they clean it up.

Do they reach for the washcloth in the sink? Woman.

Do they reach fo rthe hand towel (tea towel)? Man.

Why do they doooooo this? (Obviously it’s because they don’t usually do the laundry. I am always trying to cut back on laundry.)

Again, getting back to subject.

Clothes in the hamper? Woman.

Clothes on top of or next to the hamper? Man.

Cupboard door closed after a mug is pulled out? woman.

Cupboard door open after a mug is pulled out? man.

(Same geos with drawers! Whyyyyyyy?)

You see it’s really not rocket science. There are very simple ways to identify gender.

And finally, you can tell a man and a woman apart very simply. Here’s how:

A woman says “nothing” when asked what’s wrong… But really wants to you say “no really, what’s wrong?”

And a man says “nothing” when asked what’s wrong and he just actually means “nothing.”

So in case you ever wondered how to tell the difference between men and women … there are my go-to tips.

You too can easily do this experiement in your home


Q for you: How do you tell the differnence between the men and women in your home/life/circle of friends?

[For the record, I’m not counting the Q for you in my five-minute limit. Just keeping it real here friends.]


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9 responses to “The difference between men and women

  • jwolstenholm

    Love the new blog. So glad you are doing this!
    The normal rules don’t apply in our home. My husband is very aware of things that most men aren’t. . .even so far as to make me feel less in control in the kitchen or of the cleaning. But I think the good Lord knew I would need that kind of partner since I worked outside the home for so long. He was such a help during that season. Now that I am home, I am reclaiming my domain! And I bet he’ll begin to slack off pretty soon! : )

    • Adriel Booker

      hahaha! i had a few twitter comments saying it was flipped in their homes too. that’s what i get for making generalizations!! 🙂 for the record, ryan is INCREDIBLY helpful – often does dishes, sweeps the floor, sometimes cleans the bathroom, almost always does the vacuuming. he’s amazing. but it’s the day-to-day things like getting his clothes IN the hamper that he’s not so good at. HA! he did tell me that he closed the cupboard last night after getting a drink and asked me what was *really* wrong with a twinkle in his eye last night though. i guess he read the blog. 😉

  • Laura

    I love this 🙂 I think you are going to have so much fun as you go back and read these at the end of the year! Maybe next year you can inspire lots of people to do it and then we can have a prompt 🙂 I am sure if I thought about it really hard I could think of things that Peter does that are really different from me but for now I can’t think of any. ooo…except for the toothbrushing mess….why does brushing teeth have to be a messy thing? I don’t get that one!

    • Adriel Booker

      that would be fun laura! but to me the idea of having a prompt is restricting!! i know others like it though… something to think about for sure. 🙂 i’d love it if others joined in with something like this. i think jessica from mommyhood next right is going to. i’m so excited! 🙂
      p.s. toothbrushing is not a big problem here… but whiskers in the sink on the other hand…………. 😉

  • Jessica

    I love this! My husband is notorious for leaving empty bottles, jars in the refrigerator after he’s finished them off. It’s soooo annoying!

    I am going to start my blog, hopefully, over the weekend. I’ll be sure to let you know when it happens. On Laura’s point, I do like the idea of a prompt and thought of it yesterday. Maybe we can partner up for something. 😉

    I can’t wait to get started.

    • Adriel Booker

      Yup, love to hear your ideas.

      My husband also leaves things *almost* finished in the fridge/cupboard! But to give him some credit, he IS getting a little better at this one compared to when we were first married!!

  • Rachel J.

    Um, are we married to the same man? LOL! I can totally relate to the clothes next to the hamper, and especially the whiskers on the sink – ARGH. But he says I’m like a water buffalo with how wet I get the sink when I wash my face, so I guess we all have our quirks…

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