Bending the rules, big bird style

How often do you bend the rules a little in order to do something you know is wrong?

Levi got his own computer for christmas this year (a kids one). He LOVES it. It writes emails, blogs, plays music, practices the alphabet, et.c

He also loves our computers.

Yesterday y computer was out on the coffee table. He knows full well that he’s not allowed to touch it without asking.

I could see him inching his way over there. He really wanted to play with the mouse that was attached.

“Levi, don’t touch mama’s computer without asking” I said. “You know the rules sweetie”

afrer a few minutes he went and picked up a small big bird toy that he got in his stocking.

I watched with interest as he took Big Bird’s hand and place BB’s hand on the mouse.

Sneaky, clever little boy.

He wasn’t actually touching the mouse. Technically he wasn’t “wrong”.

But he was.

It made me think about the times that I want to bend the rules a little to suit myself.

Just because isn’t not quite “wrong” doesn’t make it right.

A practical lesson from my toddler and a very small Big Bird.

By the way, do you know how hard it was to not laugh while responding to this one? Good grief.


STOP. (with 24 seconds to spare – I’m getting the hang of this!)


Q for you: Have you found yourself bending the rules a little to get something you know isn’t quite right? 




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