The cheapest gift

Remember those days when you could function off of 4 hours of sleep?

When I was twenty(ish) I was often getting tiny, tiny amounts of sleep.  Silly amounts.

I was working full time (often with over time). I was going to college at night. I was involved in all sorts of things at church. And I was enjoying a thumping social life.

There was no time to sleep.

And I loved it that way.

I could easily go to bed at 2am, happily exhausted from all the day held, and still wake up at 6:30 for work the next day.

I thought sleep was boring.

Oh how itmes have changed!

If there’s one thing that makes me crazy (or crazier than usual) it’s not getting enough sleep.

I realized recently that I hadn’t had a full nights sleep in almost a year It wasn’t just having a newborn that made me sleepless, but being pregnant also gave me horrible insomia too.

And having two kids under two is a lot of fun, but also a lot of woek. If I want to do anything uninterrupted I have to stay up past their bedtimes to do it.

Not a good combiation with nighttime feedings and earl morning.s wakings.

One day, not that long ago, I was reflecting on just how lack of sleep makes me crazy (irritable, grumpy, overly emotional) and I decided to crash out early.

Like 8:30pm early.

And then judah slept until 7am the next morning.

7 AM! HellothatmeansIsleptovertenhoursstraight. Yeah!

It was like I’d died and gone to heaven.

Only problem was, that now that he’s done that a few times… he’s set a precident htat I’d love for him to keep!

I’m all for babies developing on their own time, and I personally believe sleeping through the night is developmentatal.

So I’ll wiat. These days won’t last long.

But my, oh my, do I love sleeping when I can.

Want to give me an amazing birthday or christmas or mtoehrs day gift? Find me a dark, quiet place and give me 10 hours.

That’s all I want! Cheap and easy.

Well, maybe not easy.

But cheap!

STOP. (47 seconds over!)

Q for you: lack of sleep makes me a little craaaazy. (And makes me have to say “I’m sorry” a whole lot more!) What makes you crazy?


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13 responses to “The cheapest gift

  • Branson

    I never get to sleep though the night and Aiden is 19 months. It is a seriously touchy subject and yes I feel like I am losing my mind… Often!

    • Adriel Booker

      Oh Branson, I might jump off a cliff if I were you.

      Not that you should do that.

      Please don’t do that.

      • Branson

        You know I read a parenting article the other day that said the medical definition of “through the night” is 6 hours, which A does of course. He usually wakes briefly around 4 then goes back to sleep. It is just that I am a night owl and cannot get MYSELF trained to go to bed early (sound familiar hehe) and I have sooo much trouble falling back asleep. So really, it is all my fault, lol.

        • Adriel Booker

          yes, i’ve read that’s the official definition too. but if that’s the case, levi has STTN since birth. (i was very lucky that he always did one 5hr stretch!! his naps on the other hand… arg. much harder until he was closer to 4-5 months old.) but anyway, i’m no doctor, and my definition is allllll the way through the night until morning time. haha. i hope you can mend your ways soon girl. you won’t regret it!! 😉

  • Nessa

    When I am hungry I go crazy! Mean and snappy and the apologies roll. When I am sleepy I really just am funtionally lacking. I can’t think and run in slow motion. I can’t be mean… too much work. I have gone to bed many nights right after my daughter in the pregnancy – getting over 10 hours. 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      My mom gets a massive headache when she’s hungry. Don’t let her go hungry either!

      When I’m tired I tend to jump to conclusions a lot more… and also have an expectation that others (my husband) can read my mind. Not mean so to speak, but definitely not fair!

      Glad you’re getting some sleep! I had insomnia something fierce while pregnant with both boys. I realized that within the last (almost) three years I’ve only had six months straight of sleeping through the night – from the time Levi was around 6 months to when he was 12 months and I got pregnant with Judah. That’s almost 2.5 years solid of interrupted sleep. No wonder I’m grumpy!

  • Rachel

    14 months and still no longer than 6 hours (if I’m lucky). There’s some serious sleep work going on in this house this week!

  • Rachel

    U speak for all mothers when it comes to sleep! I dream of sleep ins… Havin the 5 children it was a long haul until I got a decent nights sleep!! Eventually they grow up…. Imagine when they f teenagers and they won’t get out of bed!!

    • Adriel Booker

      ha! i keep telling myself that too!! “one day i will be irritated when they don’t want to get out of bed…”

      oh, the irony! 😉

  • Amy Sullivan

    What?? You have another blog! Craziness, but a seriously good idea, 5 minutes and then you are cut off. I like it.

    • Adriel Booker

      yup amy, it’s a new thing – just started it this year. i really want to grow in discipline this year so this is part of that – disciplining myself to write every day (the easy part) and cutting myself off (the hard part) and not going back and obsessing over it sounding “perfect” (the hardest part). 🙂

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