Becoming Australian | It’s the little things

I’ve lived overseas for most of my adult life.

At eighteen I headed off to Europe to snowboard for a couple of months, only to return over a year later.

At twenty-two I headed to Malaysia for a disicpleship school, where I would discover that my love for travel had deeper, richer meaning.

At twenty-three I went on an outreach to Nepal and India to work among the poor.

At nearly twenty-four I flew to Australia to spend ten months working with a missions organization.

At thirty-four I still live in Australia and work with that same organization.

In between I’ve travelled the globe. I think I lost count at having visited around 35ish nations for one reason or another.

I love the nations and other cultures and all that the world has to offer.

But of course I still miss home. As in Oregon home.

There are so many things about home that I miss. There are the obvious ones like friends and family and—duh—Mexican food.

But then there are the other things I miss like… my favorite brand of deoderant and face soap and moisturizer.

For over ten years I’ve been having my mom send me my face lotion (or stocking up on it when I visit).

Until last month.

Last month I finally found a moisturizer that I love just as much.

It’s nothing fancy, but I like it. (for the record the one I liked from America isn’t fancy either.)

Friends, uyou may not think this is a big deal, but let me tell you after 11+ years of having no brand of face product that I’m loyal to here, I feel like this is a significant breakthrough in my “adopting the culture” process.

Yes, I’m married to an Australian.

Yes, I have two Australian children. (Who are also American of course.)

Yes, I use the words “mate” and “no worries”.

But now I can also purchase all of my toiletries at the local grocery store.

This is a very, very good thing.

I’m feeling more Australian by the day.



Q for you: Have you ever moved inter-state or overseas… or just out of your comfort zone? What did you miss most about home?




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4 responses to “Becoming Australian | It’s the little things

  • Jessica (@mommyhoodnxtrt)

    I love this! And, while I can’t say that I can relate (I’ve lived only in the U.S.), I understand how important it is to stick with the products that I find that work well. I would do the same thing if I lived somewhere that didn’t have my favorite beauty products.

    p.s. I am working on my new blog now. I hadn’t visited you here since last week, so I missed the changing of your theme. Love it! I actually started with the same one, but I’m now looking for a new one so I don’t appear to be a total copycat. 😉 lol.

  • Adriel Booker

    oh, that’s too funny! to be honest i didn’t look hard for a theme. i only clicked through two pages of options. i think i like this one though! it’s simple and a little “raw” looking… so i feel like it’s a pretty good fit for now. 🙂

  • Rosilind Jukic

    I just love the convenience of the States. Here everything is still so complicated – but anyone from here who visits the States says the same thing. And my mom tells everyone, “If you want to know the best way to complicate anything, go to Croatia.” So, I guess Croatia has a reputation for being super complicated. Maybe that’s why I fight stress so much. 😛

  • Branson

    Oh how I would love to travel! I sometimes envision us as an old missionary couple someday… Of course going before we are old would be good, too lol

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