Do I know you?


A friend of mine just visited. We haven’t seen her in nearly two years since she moved across the country.

The last time we saw her, Levi was only two or three months old.

But even though they didn’t “know” each other, they knew each other.

“Eehhh-Mah! Eehh-Mah!” Levi would say all. day. long.

She is most definitely his new BFF.

Levi is not a super affectionate child. He’s not shy, but he is quite independent. He relates to who he wants, when he wants.

He’s very particular about it.

Wathcing him interact with Emma, you would have thought she lives around the corner from us.

He was more responsive nad affectionate with her than I’ve seen him with almost any other person. And he was like that from the moment she walked through the sliding airport doors.

Made me wonder how much actually takes place in those early baby days – both when they are in the womb and when they are delivered as a floppy little newborn.

Emma was there during my whole pregnancy, shouting and singing and speaking to the belly. She was also there at delivery – one of the first peole who ever met and held our first born.

They way they related, you’d think he knew it.

What a mystery. A precious, weird, and wonderful mystery.

In any case, I’m just glad that they now know each other. Again.




Q for you: What do you think? How much of those early days of life really are burried within the depths of our memories?



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