Crook in the guts

In my husband’s words, I am “crook in the guts”, and have been for the last couple of days.

This rarely happens to me, so when it does, I feel like a complete and absoulte sook.

I had started to feel better in the morning, and after only eating some toast and crackers the day before, I was getting extrememly hungry.

Silly me decided to eat lunch as usual. (I was hungryyyyy.)

What happened soon after was not pretty.

I spent the rest of the day in bed, followed by the rest of the evening in bed… and in the loo.

Not a pretty picture.

My stomach cramps were so bad taht I was literally reminding myself that I had just endured over 20 hours of labor.

Buck up Princess.

Thankfully this morning I’m feeling well again.

Well, and nervous.

Not quite sure if I should eat today or not.

Do I follow my hunger cues? Or follow my gut? (haha, terrible pun intended.)

Here’s hoping a new day will bring… a new day.

One minute to spare but I have nothing more to say.

Maybe I’ll add this: I came terribly close last night to seeing if I could wrangle my adult bum into one of Levi’s diapers.

That’s how delusional I was.

Lord help me.



Q for you: When was the last time you were sick? Are you a wuss like me when it comes to handling it?



P.S. I never made it to post this yesterday. New blog fail. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Why not make it sooner?



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