Putting on my home manager’s hat

This year I decided to make my new year’s goals public.

I did that because I thought it would be good for me. I thought it might make them more real, help me to be accountable, and… maybe my pride (not wanting to fail publically) would help me follow through.

The good thing abotu goals is that they are something you work towards.

I dsort of think of resolutions as something you have to do right, right off the bat. And if yo fail, well then, you fail. (Who likes to fail?)

Whereas goals you work toward.

You see, if’ I’ve met all my goals byt eh end of the year then great. I win.

If I meet them sooner (and stick to them) well then I win even bigger.

But either way it’s totally achievable that i can win. I mean grow. That’s what i really want – to grow. (And to win.)

One of my goals is to get better organized when it comes to household stuff.

I’m naturally fairly organized. But I’m not a natural housewife, er, home manager.

By nature I’m a home winger. (Um, that means I wing it. Yes, I made that up.)

I stayed up late tonight working on charts and lists and all sorts of things to help me be more organized. I made three weeks worth of menus, including shopping lists. i made a weekly cleaning chart. A monthly cleaning chart. A daily planner with some goals in it. (ie shower and eat and make my bed and star the laundry before 10am each mrning. I know, profound, right? Baby steps people.)

I spent four hours getting organized. Four. Hours.

Hard, but good. Ithink it will help me simplify int he long run, which is what i want.

problem is I failed at one of my goals int eh process.

You see, one of my other goals is to go to bed by 10:30 each night… except for the ratre exception where I stay up later on purpose.

I guess maybe tonight i could say it was on purpose.

but really, it wasn’t. I had ano idea a few lists and charts would take me four hours.

Four hours.

And now my time is up.

Time’s up, and I’m tired.

But at least I’m organized.



Q for you: What do you do/use to help you with your home organization?



P.S. No, that photo has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was time for a photo and this was what I took on my phone today.


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3 responses to “Putting on my home manager’s hat

  • Rachel

    Thanks Adriel for inspiring me…. I used to do the weekly menus but somewhere along the way I stopped doing it.. Got lazy I suppose! Tonight I am staying up to write some brand spanking new dinner menus….. Cookbooks here I come!

    • Adriel Booker

      Oh, glad I could “help”! My plan is very simple. I like easy meals – as little time in the kitchen as possible! So all my meals should take less than 30 minutes to prepare (not including if it has to bake or something).

      Well, we’ll see how we go, right?!!

  • Branson

    I am totally a “winger” too! I have been doing this hello mornings challenge and it came with some great forms to get organized… I used them for 3 days. Haha. BUT I am still getting up early, getting my time with God in to start the day right, and getting waaaay more done each day. I think that for me the quiet time right away is the key more than anything else. I am way more focused. I also feel like no matter what I am studying it reminds me of the verses in proverbs 31 about how the godly woman gets up before dawn to get the day going, and helps me strive to be more like her. That picture God paints is so inspiring… it is a big job description, but keeps me on track 🙂 I figure she didn’t have a computer or printer for making forms, so I can go easy on myself for not sticking to them, haha.

    Of course I hope yours work out after all your hard work. Yikes, I hope I wasn’t just totally rude in sharing my failure instead of cheering your hard work! 😉

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