My husband–I mean kid–got a new train set

train set


We’ve talked about not wanting the house to be filled and filled with toys.

But already, only two years into this gig, we have a lot of toys!! Amazing how they build up, even though we haven’t actually bought very many of them.

For the ones we do buy ourselves, we try to be pretty selective and smart.

For Levi’s birthday we decided to get him a train set.

We planned on getting him a little starter set taht could be built on and extended later.

But whenw e went to buy it they had this mountain pass set on sale for a ridiculous price. Only a little bit more than the starter kit.

So we went for it. Why not??

it has buildings, farm animals, trees, construction workers and signs, emergency vehicles.

The only thing it’s missing is a Starbucks.

It’s a pretty cool set. Maybe even over-the-top a little.

Tonight at 9pm after the kids were in bed I caught my husband playing with it. Alone.

No doubt half the toys we parents buy are becuase we want a reason to play with them again.

Why do you think care bears, smurfs, transformers, the muppets, adn all things 80’s are being remarketed? Totally targeting the parents who want to buy them for their kids and reignite their old childhood passions.

And train sets – classic. They will never get old.

Fun tiems.

I’m digging Levi’s train set. (he already loves it too.) No doubt Judah will soon follow suit.

And Ryan? Ryan is in heaven.

Levi’s aunties also had fun putting it together with us.

I’m pretty happy about our choice of gifts.

One to make the whole family smile.



Q for you: My most treasured childhood toy was the coveted Cabbage Patch Kid. My uncle brought him back from Japan for me. His birth certificate was in Japanese… so I named him… Tyson. What was your favorite childhood toy?




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