Twenty-one is light years away

I sat there watching the tall, long-haired twenty-one year old with his friends, laughing and chatting and talking about nothing.

Minus the tattoos, they looked like my own dad and his friends thirty years ago – bushy, unkept beards, long hair, well-worn thrifted clothes.

And I couldnt help but think that these are my own sons in twenty yeras time.

Who knows what styles will look like then. But it made me wonder, would looking at them as twenty-somethings remind me of my own childhood or teenage yeras as fashio goes full circle yet again?

It’s so hard to imagine celebrating Levi’s 21st. Seems light years away.

And yet I know when that day coems I’ll remember this little post and probably chuckle to myself at how close it all was.

I watched my friend tonight as she listened to her son’s friends share favorite memories and affirmations with him.

What must she have been thinking as she commemorated this coming of age?

All I could think about were my own two sons at home – one in his crib and the other in his bassinet. I wanted to go home and scoop them up and brgin them into bed with me so I wouldn’t have to let them go.

How can these babies I hold soeday be men? And how will I help them get there?

For now I’ll just enjoy my babies.

Twenty-one is still a long way off.



Q for you: How do you imagine your life in twenty years time?




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4 responses to “Twenty-one is light years away

  • Sus Anne

    Really it isnt far away..I sat in a parents meeting at school last week signing in my first born for school. As I sat there I remembered during her first year I calculated what year she would enter school and back then I felt it was still sooooo long to go and there I sat…in that meeting..crying…cause I realized we have now entered yet another phase of our walk together..where did all those years go?? They went so fast…

    • Adriel Booker

      i know, i know… the cliche is really so true – years FLY by! can’t believe your girl is starting school. wow, that’s a big milestone for BOTH of you. congrats mama, and HUGS. 🙂

  • allywincka

    Well if ether of our daughters are like me…we may be planning a few weddings. 🙂 I keep joking with my hubby how he better start saving his pennies; with two girls….that’s a lot of weddings to pay for hehe. I honestly try not to think that far ahead into the future….it does make me kind of sad to think of my girls all grown up, possibly moved out on their own. Especially when one of our little ones isn’t even born yet. 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, it is hard. you do want to think about the long-term (what kind of men/women do i hope to raise) and yet you want to enjoy the “now” too. weird to think about paying for weddings to go to though! hopefully the groom’s side will help! 😉

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