The one about a missed bedtime

You know when you’re so tired that your eyeballs burn?

Yeah, me too.

Lately I’ve been having way too many late nights.

And, like tonight, it’s just “that one thing” that I want to finish….. that takes so mcuh longer than it was “supposed” to.

And then by the end I’m moving so slow becuase I’m so tired and so it takes so much longer than I intended.

(Just wanted to see how many times i could use the word “so” in one sentance there, freinds.)

My bedtime is 10:30. It’s a new thing for 2012.

And its been serving me well until this last weekor so.

But now my late nights are atching up with me.

I feel miserable and unproductive and my eyes burn. (I already said that? well, they do…)

It’s just that during the day the littles are so time-consuming. (Nothing wrong with taht–they are priority–but I have “stuff” to do too.)

Yeah, so I’m up late doing stuff with eyes burning.

So all I’m going to say right now is a whole lot of nothing.

I hope you’re reading this int eh daytime.

If not, go to bed, people. You need your sleep as much as I do.


STOP. (1 min 32 to spare but I just can’t go on…)


Q for you: What’s your bedtime? And how many times did I use the word “so” in this post? Geeze…




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