Madonna, yay or nay?

Growing up Madonna was considered scandalous.

I was never actually told that I couldn’t listen to her music… but I just knew I wasn’t “allowed”.

But when I got a bit older I couldn’t resist.

Even now, I think Madonna is pretty amazing.

There are not many artists like her that have been able to reinvent themselves over and over again for 30ish years and always remain current.

I guess she’s more than current, she’s been ahead of current in so many ways.

I know I’m a little late on the game, but I finally just watched the superbowl. (It was on during our Monday work hours so Ryan recorded it to watch later.)

And I suppose I should clarify here… When I say I “just watched the superbowl”, what I really meant was I just watched the halftime show.

Thank you Madonna.

What a great show – fun, punchy, devoid of scandal. Loved it.

Loved her set list and loved seeing her rock that stage in her stilettos.

Isn’t she like, 50 or something?


Still rockin it.

Go Madonna.

And for the record, I would totally go see her in concert one day if I was given tickets.



Q for you: Madonna, yay or nay?




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3 responses to “Madonna, yay or nay?

  • Allie

    yay! Her music is great! She’s timeless, smart, entertaining! A lot of people were saying bad things about her after the show but I always really enjoy her!

  • Jessica

    Madonna? Yay! I love her and think it’s great she’s still making music. It saddens me that so many others don’t agree. It saddens me that just because she’s 50-something, many assume shouldn’t have fun.

  • Jennifer Perry

    Dude!! I will be right there beside you! I love Madonna!! And I am a definite YAY for the half-time show. (I YouTubed it…). When you buy those tickets be sure to grab me one!!

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