And then he threw up on me

It wasn’t like him.

Wanting to be held. Sitting still. Needing mama so much.

I knew he wasn’t feeling well today… but today was the first day he was able to articulate what was wrong.

His tummy hurt.

Poor little guy.

He pointed to his chubby little tum and said “owie” and got a really, really sad face.

And then he threw up on me.

Ok, he didn’t really throw up on me. (But that would make for a better story, wouldn’t it?) He just threw up on himself and on the floor.

he did, however let me hold him and rock him to sleep for a second nap. (He hasn’t taken two naps a day for a year.)

I was only wishing that my day wasn’t so busy, that Judah wasn’t also out-of sorts and needing to be held constantly.

How wonderful it would ahve been just to hold him, cuddle him, and stay there until he woke up. (My first baby.)

But dinner was on the stove. Judah was crying. Life was still happening.

So I had to put him down to sleep on his own, rub the tired from my own eyes, step up to the plate, and be mom. (Make it all happen.)

And now that he’s all tucked up in bed for the night, all I really want to do is go scoop him out again and sit there with him in my arms, burying my face in his messy hair.

My baby let me rock him so sleep today.

I never did get to fulfill my promise to him to splash around in the pool, even though I wore my swim suit all day long.

I hope he feels better tomorrow. (If so, we’ll try again for the pool.)

I also hope he’ll let me cuddle him again too.



Q for you: When is the last time sickness threw you for a loop?



P.S. Happy Valentines Day.


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4 responses to “And then he threw up on me

  • Nessa

    Oh I hope he feels better soon. Snuggling and cuddling is the very best.

    We are in the midst of sick time over here and this one has me all messed up. She is not eating, not smiling and I hate it. The cuddling is the only thing that is nice, but it even makes me a little sad – because it is not like her to lay on me for hours.

  • stayathometatte

    It’s awful when one of your children are sick. At the same time, though, there’s something so wonderful about having them curled up in your arms, rocking them to sleep, and knowing that just holding them is helping them feel better(at least emotionally).

    I hope your son feels better soon.

    • Adriel Booker

      aw, thanks!! sorry i’m just now replying. and yeah, it is nice to know we can do something (cuddles!) even when we can’t do anything else to make it go away. *sigh*

  • Rachel

    It’s so hard when children are I’ll and as mothers we still need to soldier on with our chores….. I do so wish everything else wud stop and we cud only b with them!!

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