Is it worth trading a day of your life?

I read this quote on Pinterest the other day. It said something like: “What are you going to do today? Is it worth trading a day of your life for?”


How’s that for a reality check?

Truthfully, there are many days where I’m not living well, as in living intentionally, living on purpose, living in the fullness of life that’s available to me.

Too often, I’m doing my best to balance and juggle and survive…

Can I make it to nap time? Can we just get through the dinner hour? Oh bedtime, where are you? Oh WEEKEND where are you?

But this—this apple-slicing, block-stacking, bum-wiping, shoe-tying, laundry-folding, dishwasher-loading day—is reality. (My current reality at least.)

It is life in motion. Already happening. Not waiting for anyone.

I don’t like to get to the end of the week and think, what exactly did I do?

Granted, being an at-home mom makes my successes difficult to quantify, but even if I can’t see immediate fruti of my labor and investment, I still have a fairly good idea whether I’m doing a good job living or not.

So this is something I’m constantly working on. Or maybe even not working at, but trying to rest in…. This grace that comes from actually being present in the moment. Living my days on purpose.

I want to be an old lady that looks back on life and says, Mmmmmm, that was one glorious life I lived.

But I also want to be a young woman saying the same thing.

What have I done today that was worth trading a day of my life for? And what about tomorrow?




Q for you: How are you spending your days? Is what you did today worth trading a day of your life for?




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4 responses to “Is it worth trading a day of your life?

  • Rachel

    Getting a bit Carpe Diem here, aren’t we?! Just kidding. I saw this quote too. And I think, actually, even with all the grubby fingers, poop and tantrums AND all the kisses, story times and giggling fits that yes. My life is worth trading for because of the satisfaction that I’m a little boy’s mama, a great man’s wife, and I’m me. Even though my me, isn’t as me as I’d like to be at the moment but I’m still growing and learning. I still maintain I have an awesome life that everyone should want to trade for! But trade, I’m not going to! Not really.

    Wow, you’re posts are having less and less spelling errors — I’m sure you noticed that though. 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      i like it. 🙂

      and yes, carpe diem-ing. did you see my mm post on don’t carpe diem or not? a while back. carpe diem-ing helps me to not lose perspective when i’m up to my elbows in the mundane! 🙂

  • Rochelle

    I am wrestling with the same thoughts lately. Some days I am good at remembering to rest in the moment, to laugh and encourage my kids to do the same. Some days I’m great at feeling fulfilled. While my tasks are mundane, this is my reality, and this is what I need to do right now. I am right where I need to be.
    Other days I’m frustrated, tired, strung out, wishing for something different, yet feeling guilty that this isn’t *enough.* I get angry. I get annoyed and irritated. I wonder what the point is. Why does it seem like I keep doing the same things, correcting the same behavior, addressing the same issues … yet I see no progress? Why am I a failure?
    I certainly don’t have it figured out yet.

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