That one thing you passed on to the kids

Everyone says Levi looks like Ryan. (He does.)

And Ryan says Levi acts like me much of the time. (He does.) Spirited, opinionated, independent, slightly dramatic.

We’re still figuring our Judah’s personality.

At first we thought he was pretty mellow. Laid back.

But he’s making it clear that he can give anyone in this family a run for their money.

Who knows? He might be a laid-back fellow, but he seems pretty passionate to us. The kid has amazing vocal ability and he’s constantly moving – kicking, wiggling, arching his back, hating confinement to strollers, car seats, or antying else with straps. He is strong and physical.

But it’s early days. time will tell.

There is one thing, however, that I’ve noticed Ryan has passed to both of our boys. (No, I’m not referring to flatulence.)

There’s this weird hand-clasping/gripping thing they all do in their sleep.

I once felt Ryan’s hand under my leg where he’d fallen asleep. It was around 3am and all of a sudden I felt his hand gropping – like making a fist weakly, sort of like you would do with one of those stress balls.

At first I thought he was trying to wake me up… you know. No way, buddy. Are you insane?

And then I realized he was just doing it in his sleep.


A few months ago Levi was sick and we had him in bed with us. Wouldn’t you know it? I woke up to hte exact same thing, only smaller.

And I’ve since discovered that Judah does it too.

Strange thing to pass down to your children, but I’m guessing that’s what’s happened.

Ryan says that I’ve passed on my foot-rubbing thing that I do to Levi. (We rub our feet together when we’re winding down to sleep – like a self-soothing thing I guess.) Apparently I got that one from my mom.

Weirdos. A bunch of weirdos all doing weird things in our sleep.




Q for you: What weird thing has been passed on in your family?



P.S. I forgot my timer today, so I’m just guessing/hoping that this was somewhere around five minutes.


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3 responses to “That one thing you passed on to the kids

  • Rochelle

    I’ve passed my fidgets to my eldest. I remember relatives or friends commenting on how I was always moving – tugging at my turtleneck, shifting, brushing my hair away, scratching, blinking, twisting, pulling my shirt, wiggling my nose, gnawing my lips … I didn’t even know I did it … and NOW I see Ethan doing it all. the. time. It makes me want to pin his arms to his body! Why must he tug and pick and scratch and rub?! It’s a crazy little trait.

  • Gwen

    and just so you don’t go the rest of your life with an erroneous idea of what i passed on to you … I rubbed one or the other foot back and forth on the bed for as long as I can remember, self-soothing yes – what an apt description! but I don’t rub my feet together. If you do that, then it’s a variation of what I passed on … but if that’s the only weird thing – great! 🙂

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