I have this problem.

When Judah falls asleep in my arms, I don’t want to put him down.

It’s a problem because I cna’t hold him every time he sleeps.

But seriously? i want to. I so, so want to.

There is something so amazing about holding a sleeping baby.

he relaxes into my arms, he nestles into my chest. His limbs go limp, his body soft.

There is complete peace.

At this active age of learning to roll and sit and scoot and “stand” and “jump”… I enjoy the “babyness” of him surrendered to my hold.

I thought of this a lot last week as I taught our Discipleship Training School students about surrendering to Christ.

I thought of hte pleasure God must take when we relax fully into him. When we trust his embrace. When we lean into his strength. When we allow ourselves to be moved by him.

If you can get past the idea of “surrender” just being held at gunpoint with your hands flung into the air, you realize there’s something so sweet about allowing yourself to be held by Another who is stronger.

And I’m pretty sure Jesus will always hold us, as long as we let him.



Q for you: Do you find it hard to surrender? And… if that question’s a little too deep or personal for you… when is the last time you got to hold a sweet, sleeping baby?




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