But somehow

Just when the bottom felt as if it would fall out, friends came through.

Friends bringing dinner. Friends bringing freshly folded laundry. Friends bringing hugs.

It doesn’t take many. Just two or three can make a world of difference.

I’m as tired today as I was yesterday, but knowing there’s people “out there” that come close (or pray) when you’re in need? That makes all the difference.

Baby is still sick. Husband is still sick. Rain is still falling. Laundry is still strung out all over in the living room to dry. Toddler is still stir crazy. I am still beyond exhausted.

But somehow, it feels like it’s all going to be alright.

Last night at one point we had our entire family in our queen size bed. And then we were divided – one parent with one child in our room and one with the other in the guest room.

When it’s hitting the fan you do waht you need to do. That’s called being the mom. (Or dad.)

But wow, am I glad to know that we’re not doing it alone.

How people survive without a support network of friends and family and church is just beyond me.

I’ll just count my blessings, pray for sleep, and try again for another night to let it all go so my mind can rest at ease.



Q for you: Do you have a good support network in  your life? If not, are you working on it?




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3 responses to “But somehow

  • Sara Miller

    Praying for you to have a restful sleep today! I think I’ve figured out that you head to bed about the time we get our day started, so that allows us here in the US to keep you covered in prayer even while you’re resting! Xoxo

  • Krystle

    I often think that. After we had the twins, we had meals brought to us for nearly every night for 2 months! And someone came and cleaned, and ran for our groceries.
    And this was all from our church and close friend/family support. I think I would have ended up in a mental hospital had we not had that support (I almost did anyway!!)
    So glad to hear you have people in your live that can help you when you have a tough week like this and I hope that your boys are feeling better soon and you get some rest!

    • Adriel Booker

      i’m so glad you had that support so you could start out your “new life” well and not in chaos. what a blessing. and no doubt it’s taught you how to support other moms as you’re able, too. i know i’m much more aware of how i can help others since i’ve been in need of it myself…

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