Old friends in the attic

I’ve got this record collection. A really good one.

It lives in my parents’ attic.

In another country.

I think about it more often that you’d think. I wonder… have those old friends warped? Are they ok up there in the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter?

Some of them have been passed down to me from my own music-loving dad (oh, our beloved Bob Dylan) and others are from my childhood (every Amy Grant record ever made… until CDs came out I guess). And still others are ones I found in my own early adulthood (Ella, Duke, Dizzy…).

I’ve wondered many times how to get those old friends across the big Pacific Ocean, but luggage restrictions and “more important things” have always held me back.

But I miss seeing my music.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some iPod tunes. I love having my music stored digitally and living in my pocket.

But I also find that I forget about music when it’s hidden in lists with no pretty picture to remind me to listen.

I miss scrolling through the record jackets (or heck, even the CD cases) to see what feels right for the moment.

Someday I will reclaim that record collection from the attic. Someday.



Q for you: Did you have records? Do you still?




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4 responses to “Old friends in the attic

  • Lorraine

    My first ever record, Bay City Rollers!! and one of the best evenings recently was listening to music on vinyl at a friends house, he had a really good record collection and had just been given a new record player, we had so much fun and devised a music quiz, lots of music from the 70’s and 80’s.
    My brothers have an amazing collection…Beatles, Deep Purple, Genesis, Reggae, Jackson Five, Beach Boys…… Making me nostalgic Adriel!! xx

    • Adriel Booker

      aw, whenever i think about my collection i get so nostalgic too!! since levi will get a luggage allotment this year when we fly home, surely i’ll be able to sneak a few records back into our suitcase! then i’ll just need to find myself a record player this side of the pond. 😉

  • Lalalian

    what about a drip feed?

    ask your folks to send a couple over at a time with birthday/Christmas parcels (they choose randomly from the collection), rather than trying to do it all at once.

    that way you get a nice little musical surprise as well as being reunited with your treasures 🙂

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