Rejected, again.

I love my son so much.

The cliche rings true – I’d give anything, do anything for him.

I spend my days considering him, caring for him, providing for him, nurturing him, teaching him. Basically giving him everything I can so that he will know he’s loved and valued and respected and know that life is good.

So days like today, when I go into his room after a nap and he immediately melts into a raging fit becuase I’m not daddy? That’s kind of a kick in teh gut.

Because son, don’t you know how much I love you? How much I give you? How much of my very being is wrapped up in being your parent? Don’t you know I give almost 24/7 of time and energy for you???

It’s tough. Giving so much only to be met with rejection.

And it makes me think of Father God.

How much does he love? Give? Sacrifice? Provide? Teach? Guide? Care? Invest?

Over and over again he gives himself to us.

And yet over and over again he is rejected, or ignored, or simply counted as second priority (or third or fourth or…).

How much of my actions and choices must sadden him? The one who loves me so completely and yet demands nothing in response.

And today I choose to think about him and acknowledge his love for me, of which I’m still learning so much about.

Thanks Levi, for helping me to remember how amazing Jesus is. (And maybe you could htink about being a little nicer toward your mama tomorrow?)

*sigh* Toddlers.



Q for you: We all know how much it hurts to be rejected. Are you wallowing in rejection right now? Or are you choosing to not let it dictate your life or rob you of your joy?




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3 responses to “Rejected, again.

  • LeiShell

    Aaaw, Eli is obsessed with me, sometimes I wish he’d reject me! LOL But yes, it does hurt and what a great post. I’ve thought about it in this way before, always wakes me up! P.S. love a sleeping babe, sooo precious!

  • Greta

    What a great post. It’s actually completely opposite for us, my boys (especially my oldest) have always rejected daddy and chosen me. It’s taken a long time for me understand what Ryan must feel. Love the analogy you used to describe Jesus and his love for us. So true. Thanks Adriel.

  • Brenda J

    Thanks Adriel for your openness, this blog really blessed me. I have a beautiful little girl who is almost 4 months now and already i see such a special bond with her dad and her. Reading this post i was blessed by your perspective on your sons response to you and how you opened your heart for God to speak to you and reveal his heart to you through your son. It just made me realize more how whenever my heart pangs a bit when people refer to my little girl as “daddys girl” that i could be actually letting God speak to me and show me his heart through my experiences as a mother. Of course god has been teaching me so much already being a mom but sometimes i think im too busy and dont stop to hear all god wants to show me. I dont want to allow any feelings of rejection dictate my actions and instead continue to give my love unconditionally to my amazing husband and my precious daugther. I dont know if what im trying to say is coming through but thanks again for this reminder of gods incredible love for us. I just wanted you to know god spoke to me through this.

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