Potty mouth mom

I always thought it was weird when parents talked about things like potty training on facebook.

Really? Is it that exciting? Does the whole world have to know?

Now that I’m a mom, I’m afraid to say… I get it. Totally.

The first time Levi did a poo on the potty, I really did want to click over to facebook and write:

Levi did his first poo on the potty! or something along those lines.

I resisted, but only out of principle. The desire was all there. In full force.

Now that I’m definitely approaching the big PT (potty training) I know with certainty that I will probably be posting about it – asking questions or for advice form other moms.

As much as I know a lot of my “friends” will roll their eyes and wonder “really? does the whole world have to know?” just as I used to.

But I do’t even care any more.

They can scroll right over my status update and leave room for 10 moms to chime in with their advice. (Cuz you know plenty of moms will.)

So yeah, I’ve moved into the ranks of potty-mouthed mothers everywhere. Although I will not post something like “Levi did a poo in the potty!” I will absolutely post about the process and woes and victories of potty training so that we can all commiserate and congratulate ourselves together. (heh!)

After all, the moms of facebook need something to chime in their two cents about. Right?



Q for you: What do you think? Is posting about potty training “over sharing”? If so, do you care?




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6 responses to “Potty mouth mom

  • alicialabeau

    I don’t know if it’s because my life has changed so drastically and quickly over the past few years with marriage, buying a house and becoming a mom. But I find less and less desire to post things about our private family life on public forums like facebook. I do see how it can be a great tool for getting advice on things like toilet training, but the flip side is that everyone is going to want to put their 2 cents in and a lot of it may not apply to your situation or family.

    But on that note, we did find a great book by John Rosemond called “Toilet Training Without Tantrums.” He seems to have a lot of practical advice on the subject. So that is the method we are planning to go with here soon with Simon.

  • crazywithtwins

    I too have always been repelled at those mums who talk about poo on facebook. I have one daughter and managed to avoid the poo topic. I never joined any baby groups either coz i feel I’m far too young and energetic to sit in a circle clapping, singing and talking again about poo! But now I am prego with twins I find myself talking about nothing but pregnancy and wonder if I’m going to slip into the poo void once they are born?

    But on the practical side – author Gina Ford was our heroine in the PT stakes! Good Luck!

    (Btw I just started my blog yesterday – feel free to check it out – I’m new to this!) xx

  • LeiShell

    Haha, this was my post a few weeks ago! ( “I get it now”) and it is exciting! Yay, for joining the fun!

  • Branson

    I am totally dreading the big PT! Good luck! You can chime in on my potty-mouthedness when I get there 😉

  • Rachel

    Welcome to the club! It IS a pretty big deal and something worth being proud about!

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