What I hate about Australia (besides giant bugs)

There are so many things to love about Australia:

The sun.

Gorgeous beaches.

Ridiculously cute animals like koalas and wallabies.

Cool buildings like the Opera House.

Indigenous art.

Bush dances.

BBQ culture.

Passionate sports fanatics.

Words and phrases like “mate” and “g’day” and “no worries”.

The amazing (Asian) food that you can find everywhere.

Teh fact that most people don’t take themselves too seriously and are quick to have a laugh.

Morning tea.

Afternoon tea.

I love so much about this nation. So much. (I’ve been here 12 years, duh.)

But there is one thing I hate. (And yes, I know “hate” it a very, very strong word. One I don’t use often.)

Yes, I hate the cockroaches, the ants, and the mosquitoes that I come across on a daily basis… but that’s not what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is this:


(Otherwise known as a shopping cart.)

I have never, ever, EVER driven one of these things that steers correctly. Tehy are not made to balance and flow like the American ones.

They simply will not go in a straight line when in less than perfect circumstances.

Going around a bend (with a full cart) is like trying to pull a semi-truck around a hair-pin turn on the side of a mountain pass. Ugh.

Trying to push a cart with 50+ pounds of groceries in it and steering it in teh right direction when there is any remote slope to the ground is virtually impossible… Comparable to crocodile wrestling. (Just try to imagine that.)

I’m convinced that the CEOs of Woolworths and Coles have never gone grocery shopping a day in their lives.

If they had we would be seeing some radical reforms in the trolly department.

A nation that’s built the Sydney harbor bridge, hosted the Olympics, and engineered countless other modern marvels…. yet they can’t figure out how to make a decent shopping cart.


So this, my friends, is the thing I hate about Australia.

Shopping trollies.



Q for you: Have you ever tried to wrangle an Australian shopping cart?




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10 responses to “What I hate about Australia (besides giant bugs)

  • Jackie

    they clearly need to import the Bavarian ones. They move in all possible directions with ease. I’ve never been so impressed with a shopping cart. Apparently in other parts of Germany shopping carts now also include a magnifying glass and hook for a cane, to help elderly shoppers (http://prbblog.org/?p=294). Marvelous.

  • Yvonne

    Haha I thought this was a worldwide problem! I didn’t realise it could be so good in other countries! I’m pregnant at the moment and one of the things the Physio specifically told me to avoid where possible was dodgy trolleys as it would destabilise my pelvis even further, and it’s so true! It takes so much you don’t think about to steer them

    • Adriel Booker

      Oh no. Australia is a certain kind of special when it comes to the shopping carts! LOL.

      I had some severe PGP with I was pregnant with my second baby last year and there was a period that I definitely couldn’t do the grocery shopping!! I had a dream once (during that time) that I was grocery shopping in one of those electric carts with the seat and the small basket in front… I was just praying it didn’t get to that point!! 😉

  • bohomeme

    You had me at “giant bugs”. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it! *shudder*

  • Crystal Nicholls

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been living on the Gold Coast for 5 years now, and I absolutely despise the carts, I seriously feel like a weakling trying to turn a corner – my partner is sick of hearing me state how much smarter the shopping cart creators are in America and I bring it up every time he is with me!

    But your right that Australia has some amazing things that you just cant get in America, like the best beaches in the world, not to mention Tim Tams, and public healthcare!!

    • Adriel Booker

      oh, how could i forget the health care? genius. flawed yes, but compared to america? it’s AMAZING. i’m so thankful! 🙂

  • A Little R & R

    Seriously – they must have exported them to Croatia, too. Ugh! Even Z hates them, and he has no idea how GOOD the ones in America are. All i have to say is that 4-wheel drive on a shopping cart was a major fail on someone’s part. Front wheel drive only, people. Front wheel drive only!

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