Do you think it’s possible to spoil a baby?

I’ve sometimes wondered…

Do I love my babies too much?

Do I hold them too much?

Do I think about them too much?

Do I talk about them too much?

Do I dream about them too much?

Do I look at them too much?

How much is “too much”?

But then I think about God –  The way he looks at me, thinks of me (so many thoughts), pursues me. The way he loves me.

I’m pretty sure I’m always on his mind.

I’m pretty sure that I’m his favorite.

I’m pretty sure that his heart wells up with pride as he talks about me whenever given the chance.

(Sort-of like he does with you, too.)

And if my role as a parent is to reflect the heart of God to my children…

Then perhaps there’s no such thing as loving and hugging and holding and thinking and dreaming and kissing and snuggling and caring and nurturing too much.

After all, my “too much” is woefully less than His “enough”.

I’m so glad He holds and hugs my children with me.

Our love, together, is complete. (And it’s soooo not too much.)



Q for you: You know, I really do try to not write about parenting or motherhood too much on this wee blog since that’s what the other one is for… But sometimes I just can’t help myself. When I took that photo today it made my heart well up with this I-love-my-baby-so-much-I-don’t-want-to-even-put-him-down-when-he’s-sleeping kind of warm fuzzies. And even now, at midnight, after he’s been up several times already tonight with teething pain… I think to myself: I’ll never be able to hold him and comfort him and nurture him “too much”. Do you think it’s possible to spoil a baby? Not a child, a baby? (Clearly, I do not but you are free to disagree.)




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5 responses to “Do you think it’s possible to spoil a baby?

  • Branson

    I absolutely LOVE this, Adriel! All caps definitely warranted! I have always known how I feel in my heart, but have never had that a-ha moment where I realize that it echos how God feels about me. Total wow moment here… Beautiful! And I am totally a “spoiler” by some standards, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! (and my independent, sweet little boy seems to dig it, too… hehe)

    • Adriel Booker

      oh, i’m glad i can help spur an a-ha! 😉 i think about this so much these days – how does God parent me? and what does that mean for how i parent my littles…

  • Jessica (@mommyhoodnxtrt)

    Absolutely not! And that’s why I disagree with a great majority of parenting books out there which seem to caution parents against loving their children fully and on their own terms. In my opinion, babies cannot be held too much or kissed too much. When N was a baby, she was “high need.” She needed to be held a lot and needed a lot of touch from me, and I gave it to her because I knew that’s what she needed. I was warned I was producing a “spoiled” child, but I did what felt right. Today, N is the most independent kid I know. It’s amazing. So, I say, do what feels right. As I often reminded myself, and still do remind myself, you can (will) never regret loving your children too much.

    • Adriel Booker

      yeah, i certainly think you can spoil a child… but not through your holding and kissing and affection and genuine attention…….. and certainly not a baby!

  • Enough

    […] {Originally Posted on Click, Clink Five} […]

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