Confession: I’m a sucker for reality TV

We love reality tv shows around here. LOVE.

Not what you’re thinking (Jersey Shores, The Bachelor). We love the talent competition ones.

First it was American Idol. Then, Australian Idol.

Then it was So You Think You Can Dance, the American version. (Yes, Ryan liked it just as much as me!!)

When that wore off, we got right into Master Chef for one or two seasons, the Aussie one.

That one got annoying because it was on six nights a week. SIX. (And it’s highly addictive!! Who wants to be “chained” to a show nearly every night a week?!!!)

Last year we got into The Block and Top Design. I was kinda obsessed with these shows. Seriously. I lovelovelove design and decorating. Ryan was almost equally into it. (It would be hard to equal my passion on this one.)

This year? Well, the Block is on again. (Yayyayayay!) But we’re also now ADDICTED to The Voice – the Aussie version.

The judges – Seal, Delta, Keith, Joel. Hello, they are the perfect line up!!

I think Ryan has a celebrity man-crush on Keith Urban. And I so get it – he’s so adorable!

And Delta just might be the most beautiful woman on the planet. Pretty sure I gush about her every ad break.

Joel is hilarious in a wear-it-on-your-sleeve kind of way. (He annoyed us as first and has now won both of us over.)

And then there’s Seal. (Need I say more?)

And the competitors? So. Awesome. So. Talented.

We were so excited to watch it tonight that we actually let Levi watch the first 1/2 hour with us since it started at 6:30.

As strange as this sounds… I felt like such a “real” little family sitting there, all watching The Voice together. Flash back 20 years and we would have been gathered around the little tely watching Young Talent Time.

Levi was captivated! Of course he’s obsessed with music so it was right up his ally… but I think there was also the I’m-up-at-night-watching-tv-like-a-big-boy-with-mom-and-dad factor that was pretty fun for him too.

Even Judah woke up so that he could be a part of the action. (cheeky baby.)

I so enjoyed having my boys piled on the couch with us as we enjoyed good music and watching people step out in faith to pursue their dreams.

We couldn’t help but wonder as we were watching… what would we do if one of our littles were on that stage one day?



Q for you: Reality TV – yay or nay??



p.s. Another confession: I went over time today. Like a minute.


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7 responses to “Confession: I’m a sucker for reality TV

  • TV G

    I really enjoyedc this post- it’s a yay for reality tv from me! My favourite this year has definitely been Masterchef, I’m very tempted to now watch the Australian version! And The Voice is in my opinion the best Reality Tv format out there- TheVoice Uk is just reaching the battle rounds and it’s addictive!

  • crazywithtwins


    I’m not a fanatic but I like to watch the following:
    Britains got talent, The Voice (uk), The Apprentice, Xfactor, Teen mom (although I’m a long way from teenage I love watching it), Brat camp an prob a few more that I’ve missed.

    As I work and study in hospitality I also love… The Restaurant, The hotel inspector, Four in a bed, Restaurant in my living room, Masterchef & Dinner Date.

    But my absolute favourite of all reality tv ever has to be One Born Every Minute.

    Sorry if you haven’t heard of all of those, they are all British programmes. Except teen mom.

  • Jessica (@mommyhoodnxtrt)

    I say “Yay”! I love reality TV, and not just the most “sophisticated” variety that you’ve named here. lol.

    Oh, and I was wondering, how do you add your instagram pics to this blog? Is there a widget for that?

    • Adriel Booker

      haha, “sophisticated”? 😉

      no, i just upload them as you would a normal photo. i either copy them over from my facebook (if i had copied it to fb), email it to myself (from instagram), or dump them from my phone to my hard drive every couple of weeks. just upload as you would a normal photo.

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