Soap-boxing and mouth-shutting

My heart is weighed heavily right now about big things:

Parenting, marriage, politics, the church.

And how it’s all wrapped up together.

I have strong opinions on most things in life – always have.

But I realize opinions must be carefully shared.

Sometimes social media (public broadcasting at our fingertips) tempts us into soapboxing before we really know what we’re soap-boxing about (or why).


This is why I’m being quiet for the moment, even on things I feel passionate about.

Because it’s not just about the speaker, it’s about the hearer.

And sometimes words just aren’t good enough to convey.



Q for you: Are you voicing your opinions publicly about the “hot issues” of today? Why? (Or why not?)



p.s. Have you noticed I missed two days this last week? Yeah, 3500 birth kits have kept me busy. Last night I realized I hadn’t written here as my head was hitting the pillow. Wisdom told me to skip “discipline”, and even be relaxed about it, so I did.


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Author, speaker, advocate, and non-prof director. Happily married city-lover, mother, immigrant, and emoji enthusiast in a city by the sea. ✌️ View all posts by Adriel Booker

8 responses to “Soap-boxing and mouth-shutting

  • Gail

    love your thoughts… and yes i did miss you, but knew you were one busy lady… God bless you for all you do … it is amazing what He has done…

  • Krystle

    I used to just sound off all the time, because I am passionate. But it caused more harm than good because it’s all typed words, and no one can hear the tone of voice, or see the face of someone and it is just drama. So, I’ve worked hard as of late to not just type what I feel in the moment, realizing that it’s okay I have these strong convictions, but that not everything needs to be typed out for all the world to see, or “expressed” online. I’m still learning, and I will always be a bold person because that’s who I am, but I am learning to better tame and filter myself trying to think of Him and what my motive is.

    Glad you are busy for a good reason!! 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, i totally understand. looking at motive is so important. and yes, the hampered ability to convey tone online is why i always end up writing long posts. (do they understand? have i been clear? i could go on and on if i’m not careful! haha!) i do think, however, that boldness is a good thing. as long as it’s covered in humility.

  • lifelibertyeducation

    I have posted about a hot issue recently because I saw a group of people being oppressed. I can not agree with treating people as lesser to the majority. If those of us that disagree with such actions stay quiet for fear of misunderstanding or attack then who will defend those being harmed?

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, i do agree with that. what i’m talking about is when people spout off without thinking about the person on the other end reading. will they understand your tone and motives? sometimes we can be quick to talk but slow to think through what we really mean to say. (or how we mean to say it.) i think it’s important to voice concern and ESPECIALLY when it’s for those who cannot speak for themselves or for those who are being oppressed. absolutely. but even still, we need to be bold and humble. boldness is needed to get people’s attention, but humility is needed to KEEP peoples’ attention. that’s the way i see it at least.

      glad you’re standing up for what you believe in.

  • Nessa

    I try to show my beliefs and what I am passionate about in other ways other than soapboxing or trying to change other peoples opinion. it is hard when you share when your so many spiritual beliefs with someone, but what you want in politics aren’t the same.

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, i think that is the hardest. absolutely. i don’t hesitate to have conversations about this difficult stuff in person where i can use tone, eye contact, gesture, etc to help convey the message. it’s in just using words that i have to be more careful. it can, and should, be done. just a bit more carefully IMO.

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