To my gay and lesbian friends who feel excluded and alienated and discriminated and rejected:

I am sorry. We have failed you.

We have not represented him well.

We have not taken seriously our calling to be ministers of reconciliation.

We have ignored peace and mercy and opted for justice (at times narrowly defined by our current political systems).

We have sought morality above love.

We have been proud when we should have been humble.

We have defended our rights when we should have laid them down.

We have picked up our knowledge of good and evil instead of picking up our cross.

We have picketed when we should have been washing feet.

And for that I am sorry.

The way of Jesus is always tender. His mercies are new every morning.

His reach is not limited by any human definition.

I love his Church–fiercely–and I am a part of her. But I recognize her reflection of him is still being polished.

She is still learning, growing, being made into his likeness. (And I, along with her.)

Please know that Jesus is infinitely more good than what you see through us.

There is nothing about him outside of good. Good, good, good, good.

Pure, unadulterated, goodness.

(And we–his Church–are good too, but only in him, and because of him.)

We are weak and growing up and in need of his grace too.

We are beautiful and flawed and holy and human.

And you may not always believe it, but we really are trying our best.

As much as you need grace, we need it too.

From each other, but most of all from him.

Help me as I learn to love more completely.

Help me.

Help us. (Oh God, help us.)


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P.S. I went over my time limit on this post. Please also note that I will delete any comments that I deem as unkind or disrespectful. (You are free to agree or disagree with me in the comments – that is not the issue. Just know that I will not engage in on-line debate or tolerate slander in my little space here.)


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4 responses to “To my gay and lesbian friends who feel excluded and alienated and discriminated and rejected:

  • Heather

    This is about as perfect as possible.

  • what if compassion moved us? (thoughts on gay marriage) « Click Clink Five

    […] About Adriel Booker Writer. Teacher. Mentor. Difference-Maker. I live Down Under with my hubs and littles where we work with YWAM and try to make the world a better place. View all posts by Adriel Booker This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 10:18 pm and tagged with amendment one, american politics, childhood mortality, christianity, christians, civil union, covenant, culture and trends, culture wars, faith, gay marriage, gay marriage debate, gays and lesbians, god, his sacrifice, holiness, homophobia, homosexuality, hot issues, human-rights, improving health care, jesus, lgbt, marriage, moral issues, morality, morality of marriage, politics, racism, relevant magazine, religion, saints, sinners, spirituality, the church, the cross, the institution of marriage, traditional marriage and posted in culture & trends, god & faith. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. « serving people is almost always inconvenient to my gay and lesbian friends who feel excluded and alienated and discriminated and rejected: &… […]

  • Dean Sherman

    I know you Adriel and I trust your character, committment to love God and love people. I trust your wisdom because it comes not from a theoretical stance but from practical involvement in serving God and man. I believe you represent Jesus well. I support you.

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