For the love of jars

I’ve had some new subscribers since my posts yesterday. I’m sorry if this disappoints you–and I sincerely hope you can handle it–but tonight I have another extremely complex and weighty topic to address:

Mason jars.

Why, oh why, have jars become this year’s hot item?

Since I discovered Pinterest a couple of months ago, it’s no secret that I became a fast and furious pinner. (Username adrielbooker – I know you were wondering.)

I love all the DIY inspiration, household tricks, and pretty “stuff”.

But there are things that baffle me about this year’s trends:

Pallets. For everything.

Jars. (Mason, if you’re really cool.)

T-shirts upcycled into “styles” that make them even more sloppy and ugly.

I don’t really know what to think of this information. But I’m really hoping that Pinterest will last.

Because think of the fun we’ll have in ten years time looking back at all of our pins of JARS and wondering, what the heck?

That is all.

Just some more deep thoughts for you to ponder today.



Q for you: Are you a jar-lover? Chevron? Pallets? Old t-shirts? Art made out of plastic spoons? Chandeliers made out of twigs? Mustaches???




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7 responses to “For the love of jars

  • Dottie Hines

    I like the pallets. I don’t have any pallets to use these days but I love seeing them used in all sorts of furniture and stuff. I pin furiously too but so far have done nothing with them. Not even a single recipe. I love seeing other people pin things that I like though. I sort of feel like a personal shopper passing on the best ideas.

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, i think it’s very fun. my husband has done two “jar” projects (both of which i like!) and now has a stack of pallets outside which he’s making some chairs out of. so we’re right up there with everyone else. i just think it’s kinda hilarious how trends work!

  • Samantha S

    I have had many pinterest projects gone wrong. And I’m sorry, but if I melted spoons into a necklace…it would look like I melted spoons into a necklace. I’m just thankful I have discovered pinterest at this point in my life when I know my limitations and not ten years ago when I would have made said necklace and thought it looked awesome!

  • Samantha S

    And I have a feeling the jars started as an upcycle trend.

  • alicialabeau

    I must confess, I’ve not once even looked at pinterest yet because I already have too many (unfinished) projects going and I know it would just become a black hole of creative inspiration and steal what little bit of spare time I have. However, I can’t help but chime in about my love of and current use for mason jars. Last year we had a cupboard full of plastic cups which I don’t really like drinking out of because it makes me feel like a child. I much prefer drinking out of a glass. But since we have small children we didn’t want to invest in a set of glasses which would probably end up broke in the coming years. So, the next time I cracked open a jar of pasta sauce I peeled the label off, gave it a good wash and began my collection of “drinking glasses”. It’s a hit around our house and we don’t worry about them getting broken.

    But I do like your photo of the mason jar laterns. I may have to make some of those.

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