City and country

I’ll probably never fully be able to understand it or explain it.

I was born and raised in small towns but I feel most at home in the city. Always have.

I remember as a kid going to Portland – a small city that I thought of as a “big city” back then. It always gave me a thrill. I loved the traffic and freeways and tall buildings and bustle.

I loved the fashion. I loved the movement.

I’ve never been to a city I didn’t love, although I’ve travelled in cities all over the world in both developed and developing countries.

But no matter where they are, cities captivate me.

The countryside is gorgeous and I adore the mountains… but I’m happy to seek rest there and then return to “normalcy” in the city where life bursts from the seams and sidewalks are filled with diversity and rhythm.

I’ve always known I would be a city girl.

As an adult I understand the pull a bit more:

I love the nations and they way they melt into urban centers and yet still bring with them so much culture and interest. (There’s a togetherness in the separateness–and a separateness in the togetherness–which I love.)

I love the beauty they offer – the art, the music, the theater, the style.

I love that they are a microcosm and a snapshot of the nation at large.

I love that they are the seat of power and government and commerce and education.

I love them so much that I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to live anywhere else.

And yet after seven years of living in the city I’m once again living in a small town (and have for the last four years).

We’ve never really been a great fit – the small town and I.

And yet I know I’m where I should be – my small town by the sea.

If I’m lucky, someday I’ll live in my city by the sea.

Sydney would do just fine.




Q for you: Are you a city person or a small town person?




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5 responses to “City and country

  • lifelibertyeducation

    I am a small town person. I have lived in the city and can take even very large cities in small doses but I am a small town girl and the smaller the better. I find cities overwhelming and terribly noisy. Driving feels chaotic. People seem anonymous and disinterested. I suspect it is just a different point of view. We need city people and we need country people or everything would fall apart.

  • alicialabeau

    I am a city girl at heart. I love the vitality and “life” of the city. But the past few years, I’ve been living in a small town (Population less than 3,000) and I have to admit that small town life is growing on me. I do love that “rush hour traffic” in our small town means having to wait for 8 cars to pass before I can turn onto the highway.

  • Nessa

    I love the city… but we moved to little city right beside a big city. I know the parents at the park. I know the ladies names at the library. But then I am 10 to 15 minutes away from down town. The theater, the restaurants and our state’s capital. I can see the pull of a small town more than ever now.

    • Adriel Booker

      that’s amazing. 15 min from the city’s downtown though? that sounds like you live in the city to me! we all need a local neighborhood though. i think there’s something special about that for sure.

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