The one about falling asleep fully clothed

It was a fall-asleep-in-your-clothes sort of day.

One moment I was feeding Judah before putting him down for the night, the next moment I was waking up fully clothed (with my contacts still in – yuck) sometime in the middle of the night.

For every good intention I had of squeezing in some work after the kids went down, my body had another idea.

Seems lately I can barely keep my eyes open.

Lists sit untouched. Laundry sits unfolded. Emails sit waiting for replies. Blogs sit ignored. Projects sit half-done.

I’m behind on every single thing I’m working on, full of new ideas I’m unable to implement, lagging on some of my day-to-day responsibilities, and wondering how to live this season well.

I still have so much to learn.

I probably need to get into the habit of taking an afternoon nap again, like I did for the first few months after Judah was born.

(For the record, Judah is not a fan of sleep. And that? That pretty much just makes me tired. All the time.)

I will say this: for all the things I’m failing at, one thing I’m doing right – I’m playing with my boys and helping them to grow and learn.

(Levi knows his left and right. Seriously? Can I just brag about that a tiny bit? I think it’s amazing considering I still sometimes have to stop and think about which one is which. So yes, my children are genius. *snicker* At least I can be proud of them. *grin*)

I’m multi-tasking less. Trying to listen more. Focusing on enjoying life more.

I know I’ll never regret that.

But still? Dang, I’m tired.

And dang, I’m half-drowning in the not-yet-done.



Q for you: I didn’t write last night because I fell asleep at 7:30pm fully clothed. When’s the last time you were that tired?




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5 responses to “The one about falling asleep fully clothed

  • Gail

    One thought, whatever you are behind on, will be there, but these times with your boys are the best!!! Enjoy these Preciuos moments and take a nap, hahaha. And you know that, but will just confirm it for you !!!!

  • Micheline

    Oh, I’ve so been there. I did that a few weeks ago when I was adjusting to my new job. Talk about exhausted. I hate falling asleep with my contacts in, too. I fully support you returning to your afternoon naps. I would if I could.

    But yay for you being such a good teacher to your babies! I’m very impressed with Levi knowing his left and right. Q certainly doesn’t know that yet, but you’ve inspired me to teach him. 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      haha, don’t be too impressed. i just usually say right foot, left foot, etc when getting him dressed. didn’t realize he had actually picked it up until recently when my husband was quizzing him on it. he hadn’t known i do that sometimes so he was shocked when levi was turning the tricycle the correct way to his left/right instructions! 😉 i suppose it’s just one of those random things that he’s picked up/absorbed out of repetition. so yeah, don’t be too impressed. we’re not studying mandarine or anything! 😉 and yes, the naps… if i could get judah to sleep (EVER) that would help. *sigh* the kid is an energizer bunny and he never stops!!!

  • artreviewed

    I have to have “naps” every now and again but when I do seem to need one it turns into a full blown sleep fest where I wake up at 2 in the morning and have to peel the mag i was reading off my face before staggering to bed! xx

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