*Poof* Out of nowhere

The kids are both in a phase right now where they’re literally amazing us every single day.

It’s like they wake up and think… what new thing can I get up to today?

Levi spouts out new words as if he’s always said them.

“Oh, it’s windy!” he said the other day when we got out of the car.

All I could do is look at him and say, “yes, yes it is windy.”

We didn’t teach him that word – at least not in the repeat-after-me-I’ll-name-it-for-you kind of teaching.

He just learned it by picking it up.

A small example, but every day now he says many, many things along these same lines.

Seeing that little brain just explode with information and vocabulary is seriously awesome to me.

Not to mention potty training. By two hours into it he was already telling us when he had to go. And after the first two days he was waking dry from naps. And this morning (day five) he woke dry from overnight.

Hello, we aren’t even training him for overnight yet. We’ve kept him in diapers at night! Obviously he’s training himself. Smart cookie.

And Judah’s the same.

All of a sudden today he just stood up on his own and stayed there for seconds before falling. He didn’t pull himself up on anything, didn’t have assistance, he just stood.

At eight months old (yesterday) he’s seriously freaking me out the way he’s determined to move along. No doubt he’ll be an early walker.

And I guess that’s the thing with milestones. There’s all this developmental work in the background that’s going on that you can’t see… and then one day *poof* – it’s as if their skill emerges out of nowhere.

I wonder how much of that we lose as adults, obsessed with finding the quickest solutions and shortest routes to success. We want to skip straight to the results and rarely give time to work hard and build behind the scenes where no one can see us or where there’s nothing to show for our hard work and investment.

Or maybe that’s just me?

In any case, I’m completely astounded with my ambitious little boys at the moment.

They are so entertaining. And so fun to watch and learn from.



Q for you: When’s the last time you witnessed a skill emerging from what seemed like thin air? (In an adult or a child.)




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5 responses to “*Poof* Out of nowhere

  • Rachel

    Today actually! Jason and I were whispering about something at dinner and Xave puts his finger to his mouth and says “Shh…Shh…” and started ‘whispering’ his baby babble too! It was one of those ‘did you teach him that?’ moments. I love how he suddenly astounds us!

    • Adriel Booker

      oh man, stuff like that is so cute. every day levi does something (at LEAST once!) where ryan and i just look at each other with this expression of “aren’t you just dying of the cute, too?!” we just nod our heads and grin. it’s so fun.

  • Nessa

    Aren’t they amazing? I think they teach me more than anyone ever has.

    We are on day 3 of potty training and she is blowing our mind.

    • Adriel Booker

      that’s so awesome! yay eva-monster! 🙂

      you know, that’s the exact same term i’ve used to describe levi – how fast he’s transitioned to undies “blows my mind.” i had worked myself up into such dread about it listening to others say thing like “it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done as a mom” etc and that just caused me to fear unnecessarily. these little ones are so smart and capable!!

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