How to own a house outright (by first proving your not in the mafia)

A blog I follow recently posted about their family’s journey to purchase a new home in Bend, Oregon.

This is a debt-free family who had a sizable down payment, and had worked out their budget to be able to PAY OFF a 15-year mortgage in its entirety after three years.


They did this by renting, saving like crazy, and making the pay off their first priority… knowing that after three years they will be able to have income freed up for travel and other things.

Imagine living in a house you own outright. (Dream come true!)

The “funny” thing is this family had a really hard time finding a lender.

They had no debt, amble money, and an amazing plan.

Just hardly a credit record.

Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? Especially considering all of those who’s mortgages are turning upside-down these days.

The good news is these guys found a loan (after proving they aren’t in the mafia), got their house, and their story is now inspiring many others (like me!) that all of this is actually possible.

These are precarious financial times we live in, but all of us (I’d hope) are trying to be smart with the money we have – whether it’s a little or a lot.



Q for you: What would you give up in the short-term to be able to own your house outright, quicker? Or be able to buy a house in the first place?




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6 responses to “How to own a house outright (by first proving your not in the mafia)

  • Nessa

    Oh wow – how inspiring. What a freedom they have. What is the blog?

  • Rachel

    Can you post a link to the story too? We often go back and forth on this subject but I don’t really know if I even want to own a home. It can be more of a burden than being renters. Since we’re likely to be in Australia about 5 years, its something we’re thinking about…only we need a job for Jason first!

  • alicialabeau

    We had a similar experience with trying to find a lender for our home. I had been living debt free for about seven years and because I didn’t have any recent credit history, they were apprehensive (to say the least) about giving us a mortgage. Who would have thought living that way would be a bad thing.

  • Stephanie

    My husband and I also had a difficult time finding a lendor for our unique circumstance. We had more than the 20% down payment needed, and money in the bank so we weren’t stretched too thin. We had paid off our first vehicle with cash, and always paid our cc off entirely. Lendors were unsure because we had such a simple credit history. It’s crazy for us to consider building up credit debt in order to secure a better mortgage rate for our biggest investment! After all those years of saving 🙂 However, through much prayer we found a broker that understood our values and prayed with us through the process. We move on Saturday into our first home!

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