I blog because I’m a writer. I don’t write because I’m a blogger. Big difference.

I started blogging two years ago.

At the time I had no interest in being a “blogger”. In fact, I didn’t even know what a blog was. (True story.)

I was so ignorant about blogging that I didn’t even realize our family “website” that I created to keep loved ones and supporters updated on our life and work was actually a blog. Apparently I had already been blogging for years. But I don’t really count that. (To me it was simply newsletters in website form.)

Comments? Why?

RSS? Huh?

Analytics? Say wha?

I had no idea.

Now two years later I have much more idea.

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been a blogger and I’ve backed off as a blogger. I’ve grown a community. I’ve networked. I’ve answered hundreds and hundreds of emails that I seriously don’t have time for. And I’ve met some amazing people.

But here’s the thing. Sometimes I love blogging. (I certainly love all the things I’ve learned from reading blogs and I’ve loved some of the genuine friendships that have sprung out of it.)

But sometimes I loathe blogging. I rarely ever check page views any more, and I can’t seem to ever keep up with the goals I set for myself. (Not a bad thing – they are sometimes unrealistic.)

I didn’t start blogging to be a blogger. I started because I wanted to write.

I continue because I want to write.

That’s the bottom line.

No matter how many people read or follow or comment or tweet or like or pin….

I blog because I’m a writer. And for now, the platform I’m creating is helping me to practice, express, connect, and so many other things.

So blog or not (actually 7 to be honest), I blog becuase I’m a writer.

That being said, yes, I’m a blogger. But I’m a writer first.



Q for you: Do you blog? Are you a blogger? A writer? What does that mean to you??



p.s. I didn’t write yesterday because I went to bed (still fully clothed) at 6:30pm. Today was that kind of day too, but I got up again around 8:30pm when the sleep wasn’t working out so well. Is there anything worse than being utterly exhausted (and grumpy) and having insomnia all at once? Yes, of course there is. But when you’re in the midst of it, it sure doesn’t feel like it can get much worse… Bah.


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12 responses to “I blog because I’m a writer. I don’t write because I’m a blogger. Big difference.

  • Bo

    Oh gosh, I love this topic! I also started blogging to process my thoughts and to keep a little pressure on developing my writing skills. When I finally wrote a book this year, I realized that I had developed some blog habits that didn’t work for a book…I had intrinsically tried to keep chapters shorter, sentences bouncier. The manuscript screamed “this was written by someone who is used to competing with the bright lights and noisy freeways of the worldwide web.” I had to remove myself from that and remember what it was like to sit in a squishy sofa and fall into the pages of a WHOLE book (and not just a 500-word post) before I could write a whole book. That said, I LOVE blogging. I love the community. Love the ability to write something fast and toss it out there for discussion. And most all, I love the way it’s become a scrapbook of some of the most brutal, beautiful years of my family’s life. Also? I love YOUR blogs and your thoughts and words! 🙂

    • Adriel Booker

      I’m so glad you write and blog. I can’t wait to devour your book one day soon. Please, can we go out for a coffee during my visit in a few weeks? Just you and me?

      • Bo

        Oh, Adriel, I’d love that! And as of tomorrow, I have lots of breathing room for warm beverages with sweet friends. Just give a holler when you get here and we’ll get something on the calendar.

  • lifelibertyeducation

    Though I have a blog I would not consider myself a writer or a blogger. Writers I see as a larger general group. A blogger is a subset of writer with a particular audience in mind and is self-publishing. I am just a person that has opinions that I need to release. I do not write to anyone in particular and only mildly care if strangers agree with me. It allows me to say what I need to say without getting into an argument with people whom I do care about there view of me. So yes, I do see a writer and being a blogger as different in some ways but I would say that one doesn’t need to me either to have a blog.

  • Jessica W

    Great thoughts. I really needed to read this today. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • Adriel Booker

      thinking so much about my blogging and writing lately. i think i have more questions than answers at the moment, but it’s always good to do some reflecting and a “health check” every now and then, right?

  • Jessica F. Hinton (@mommyhoodnxtrt)

    Oh, yes! How I can relate to this topic! I, too, was oblivious to the blogging world when I got into blogging. And because of this, I think I lacked, in the beginning, a clear direction for what I wanted from blogging and from myself as a blogger. I can now say that I blog to write. Period. I enjoy and love the writing part. I always have. It’s that part that comes easiest/most natural to me. I used to try to force the other part (networking) because I thought that’s what I should be doing to become better as a blogger. But when I realized that rather than becoming a better blogger, I want to be a better writer, I stopped. I connect and network when I can and for the purpose of furthering my writings and/or making real connections with real people, not for more followers or to do what “good” bloggers do. And my life has been so much better since then!

  • dawm

    We have met through the mommyhood memos. You are right there is a difference. You blog because you are a writer. I write because I am a blogger. Writing does not come easy to me. I am never satisfied with my output so why do I do a blog? Firstly, and the more altruistic reason, is that I have a wealth of knowledge. I have degrees in the fields of occupational therapy and of infant development. I worked for years in early intervention and have learned a lot and would like to share that knowledge. My members are former co- workers who miss my direct input. The other more selfish reasons include my need to be active even though I am retired and my need to feel productive. I love the networking part and the contact with other people. But I still do not enjoy writing for the sake of writing. I enjoy your blogs perhaps because you are a writer.

  • SortaCrunchy

    Like you, I began blogging simply as an outlet for writing. The business of blogging makes me very swirly-headed and honestly, zaps me of energy and love for sharing written words. I can’t complain – it’s led to amazing opportunities for me as well as incredible friendships, but still. Most days I long for the earliest days when it was just me and the keyboard and a quiet spot to share some thoughts.

    Thanks for writing this. I relate to your heart in so many ways!

    • Adriel Booker

      I think that’s a good way to describe it – the “business of blogging”. I suppose that sometimes I feel very business-minded… and often not. Perhaps that’s a big part of why I get frustrated. But honestly, blogging has been incredible for me too, and has led to some amazing opportunity and friendship and personal growth. For that I’m so thankful.

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