Would you pay someone to potty train your kid?

A friend of mine posted on her facebook about services she heard of where they will potty train your kid for you. The cost ranges from $400 for a week to $700 an hour. (What??!)

I think this is tragic.

Potty training is such a personal process and achievement for our littles.

They trust us to help them learn. They need our encouragement. They look to us for affirmation. They deserve our respect.

As parents it’s our role to guide them through this personal transition.

I don’t have a problem with other close adults helping (grandma, etc.), but to hire a service to come in and do it for us like we’d hire out our lawn maintenance or housecleaning? (I’d totally pay for a cleaner if I could afford it!)

But contracting out potty training?

Wrong. I just think it’s seriously wrong.

I understand that many parents are daunted by the task (I was one of them), but that doesn’t justify delegating it out to a stranger.

Imagine how the child must feel to have a stranger come in and direct this personal of rite of passage. (So disrespectful.)

We hire trainers for our dogs perhaps, but not for our small children.

Potty training, manners, character, life skills – all of this should be taught first, and foremost in the home by the parents. (And reinforced elsewhere like church, day care, school, therapy, or whatever.)

Let’s not abdicate our role as parents, even when it’s inconvenient or hard.





Q for you: Come on parents, tell me you’re with me on this one. Would you ever hire someone to potty train your kids if money weren’t an issue?




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4 responses to “Would you pay someone to potty train your kid?

  • lifelibertyeducation

    No. My children are my responsibility given to me by God. I do not hire others to raise them for me. Potty training isn’t even that difficult. Sure accidents happen and you have know where the bathrooms are all the time but after the first stage of understanding the basics it is just a matter of time. My kids are worth my time.

  • Krystle

    So agree.
    It’s daunting yes, and when I think about training the twins I start to hyperventilate- but it’s just crazy to think about paying someone tons and tons of money that is something you just DO as a parent.
    Like you said, they aren’t puppies….

    Such a weird and unfortunate thing….

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, the thought of most things with twins seems a little daunting. potty training no exception! at least you have a little experience headed into it! 😉

      but, oh, what a blessing you have. i’m sometimes jealous of twin moms!! 🙂

  • Jessica

    I agree! Wholeheartedly! I’m glad you wrote a post on this. Potty training is hard, but I think most hard things in parenting come with great rewards, both for the child and for the parent. Whenever N goes on the potty, I celebrate for her and for me, that we’ve both come this far, and for where we’re going. I think parents who pay for this are missing out on all of what it means to be a parent, and that, to me, is tragic.

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