Pack your bags, baby

I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m packing well in advance of my trip.

And by “well in advance”, I mean four days.

I’m normally a have-all-the-lists-made-in-advance-but-pack-the-day-before sort of person.

But this time, I thought I’d experiment and do it on the weekend since we leave on a Tuesday.

So far, so good.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it’s taking me way longer. Way.

I have too much time to deliberate about what to wear. (And wonder what people are wearing “over there” these days. And what the weather will be like. And if I will have enough pairs of undies.)

Maybe it’s a little less stressful to pack a few days in advance, but I think I like the just-get-it-done pressure of doing it the day before. (It’s just that I’m learning with kids, the less pressure the better. You never know when melt-downs might strike!)

There will still be plenty of “last minute” things to put in – electronics, toiletries, snacks – but I can say that I already have three of the four of us packed. I’ve impressed myself. (And the fourth one can do his own packing.)

The biggest dilema is the shoes. I hate packing shoes.

(How many pairs of shoes do you take when you travel??)

Good thing I still have three more days to change my mind.



Q for you: Do you enjoy packing or hate it?




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3 responses to “Pack your bags, baby

  • Dottie Hines

    Even with three kids to pack for I normally make a list and pack the day before. It allows me to have all the clothes washed and either put away or packed without leaving a kid with potentially some ugly combo of leave behind clothing.

    As for the undies, I usually have a rule of pack them all. You nev know what will happen and I try to have plenty of extra undies for emergencies and in my carrion at that. If your luggage is lost you can rewear clothing but you want to change the undies daily anyway.

    With shoes i consider if i am likely to be just putting at the house/hotel or going out to dinner in nice places or attending church. For most things athletic shoes will do. If it is warm enough flip flops are likely worn instead. Church or nice resturant, have one outfit and shoes combo for this possibility and rewear as needed. Almost anything else you can probably use those options as well. Stick to a neutral color that works with all outfits to reduce luggage weight.

    In some ways I enjoy packing because it is exciting to travel but if I think about the flight all the excitement in ruined. Luckily with my vacation next week it is a road trip which I am much more comfortable with though it requires the extra lists for food.

  • Rachel

    I prefer the make a list and then pack the day or two before method. I don’t have enough pairs of undies otherwise! Just kidding…well…not in Xave’s case. I always end up needing something I’ve packed before we leave, take it out and forget to put it back…and then it gets stuck in some other country for months (read: years) till we can go back and get it. Just remember for shoes — there’s always op-shops on the other side!

  • alicialabeau

    I love to pack because in my mind, packing=adventure! I’m more of the spend-a-few-days-making-a-list-and-throw-it-all-together-at-the-last-minute type of packer but I’m noticing it gets a bit more complicated as our family grows. We recently went on a little trip to visit some friends and forgot all of the mealtime necessities, ie plastic cup, plate, spoon, bib, boosterseat. We got a little creative, nobody starved, thank God for removable/washable seat covers at their dining room table.

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