Life on the ranch

Even though I grew up in a small town, I’ve always thought of myself as a city girl.

Being in cities (the bigger, the better) makes me come alive – always has.

I love the bustle and movement, the diversity and the color.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d enjoy living on a farm or in the country.

On Saturday we spent some time at a friend’s place outside of town.

They live on two-and-a-half acres – just big enough for a barn, a horse, and a couple of ponies. Levi ran free the entire afternoon between the tire swing, the pile of tonka trucks under the big pine tree, feeding the horse, grooming the ponies, playing with the wheelbarrow, and who knows what else he got up to.

He ran around like he owned the place. Love would be an understatement here.

And although I still imagine myself as a “city girl” and can’t see myself desiring life on the ranch anytime soon… for the first time in my life I “got it” a little tiny bit.

I could see the draw, the pull, the motivation to get out and find yourself some space for the kids to run free.

Kids change almost everything, don’t they?



Q for you: Can you imagine living in the country? Or on a ranch or a farm?




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One response to “Life on the ranch

  • alicialabeau

    I’ve always considered myself a “city girl” but small town life is growing on me. This summer, for the most part, we are stay-cationing. Staying local as much as possible and finding all the fun things to do here in our small town. When fun things can’t be found, we are making our own fun. It’s been interesting and it’s stretched me at times. My parents live on a 15 acre hobby farm just ten minutes away and I love taking Simon out there where he can run around care free with no worries of him darting out into the busy road. He loves it out there too and runs back and forth across the yard and up and down the hills, collecting rocks and sticks and who knows what else. It’s so precious and if I’m honest, sometimes it makes me think I missed out on a lot by growing up in the city. So, I get it now, and I’m glad my kids will have these kind of experiences and memories to grow up with.

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