Sometimes I forget I’m American. But not during the olympics.

Sometimes I forget I’m American.

I’ve lived here for twelve years now and so–with a few exceptions–it’s all fairly “normal” to me. I’m always caught off guard when checkout chicks ask me how my holidays are going.


And then I remember that I have an accent.

Oh yeah, I’m a foreigner.

There are, however, a few times that I’m keenly aware of being American.

One is during voting season. I can’t not be interested in American politics. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care… but that’s never really going to happen so I just try and keep up from a distance the best I can.

The other time is during the Olympics.

I’m not a very athletic person. I’m not super patriotic either.

But I do find it easy to get swept up in the romance and excitement and competition and pageantry of it all.

Living in Australia, of course they are televising all of the events that include Australians. This means we’ve seen a lot of rowing and swimming and dressage. (yawn)

Side note: How is a horsie dog show even in the Olympics anyway? Isn’t the Olympics for human competitions? *sigh* Crazy. 

Anyway, I’ve gotten really frustrated with the lack of coverage for Olympic events that I want to see. You know, the ones with Americans in them. (Hello women’s gymnastics with the US taking out the gold. Totally missed that. Arg!)

But there is one that I’ve gotten to see over and over – Michael Phelps. What a freak that guy is. Love or hate America, how can you not love a superhuman guy like that?

When you see an athlete perform like he does, it’s hard not to be amazed. Nationality goes out the door and it becomes about appreciation for what they guy can do. (Well, unless you’re Australian and insanely jealous – heh heh! or American and insanely proud – ha!)

Mr. Bolt, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Woods, Mr. Ruth, Mr, Federer, Ms. Komenechi (who the heck knows how to spell Nadia’s name, anyway?). These are a few athletes that belong in a league of their own.

Team USA or not, I applaud Phelps for retiring on top of the world.


(And don’t tell the Aussies, but shhhhhhhh, yup, I’m kinda glad he’s American.)


Q for you: Do you get into the Olympics much? 




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4 responses to “Sometimes I forget I’m American. But not during the olympics.

  • Laura

    I’m obsessed with the summer Olympics! I’ve always loved swimming, since I grew up racing competitively in the summer. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love all of the events, and I love rooting on our country (even from our TV). This is Georgia’s first Olympics, and she’s loving it as much as we are! Of course, being into gymnastics herself, she loved watching our gymnastics team rock it out. But she also loves watching all the races (rowing, track and field, swimming) because she loves the idea of being fast. It’s been a really great way to spend time together as a family, even if it’s in front of the TV (such a rare event in our house).

    • Adriel Booker

      yes, so much fun! i really miss the variety we had available in the states though. here we’ve had many long hours stuck on boring (in my opinion) stuff! doesn’t make for fun family viewing! 😦 but still fun overall none-the-less. didn’t realize you used to race. go, you! 😉

  • alicialabeau

    This is one of the few times I was missing having TV. We went to my parents a couple of times to watch some of the Olympics, but when the “go-daddy” comercials came on, that was enough to remind me why we made the decision we did.

    • Adriel Booker

      we don’t have the same commercials here. ours ran a coles one all the time, and a swiss (vitamin) one, and “a farmer wants a wife” (reality show). ha! loved those – brides doing olympic competitions. brilliant ad. 😉

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