The present I almost got but didn’t (but might still)

Sometimes, you have no idea what you’d like for Christmas except things that aren’t really in the “Christmas gift” category:

  • a new car (ours is bursting at the seems)
  • a new microwave (we’re on the edge of our seat waiting for our current one to blow up)
  • new chair covers (we have toddlers)
  • a new phone (that doesn’t randomly turn off multiple times every day)
  • or, uh, LASIK eye surgery (so I never have to worry about putting my contacts in the wrong eyes ever again)

But you know those things won’t fit in your stocking (or the budget) and so you say something along the lines of, I don’t want or need anything. Just surprise me.

And then you’re out running an errand for something completely unrelated and you see it – the perfect gift at the perfect sale price andyouhavetohaveit.

So you snap a phone pic and you tell your husband about it, and make sure he knows to hurry because they only have three left….

Only to hear a few days later that he did hurry, but it was too good a gift at too great a price and so now there’s three other happy ladies this Christmas. (And just maybe he didn’t hurry quite enough.)

And he sends you a photo of another one that’s currently in stock, but even though it’s more expensive it’s not as pretty and you say, no thank you… I just liked that other one.

Of course by this time you’re wishing you would have just bought the too-good-to-be-true present yourself when you found it and had given it to your husband for him to give back to you. (But you know that takes some of the fun out of it for him and it’s not really the point of gift-giving and the whole spirit-of-Christmas thing, so… There’s that.)

And yet by now you’re borderline obsessed with the present you’re not going to get and so you google it and come up empty.

Until you find something similar on ebay, which leads you to something even more similar, which leads you to it.

And it’s nearly the same price so you do a happy dance and forward your husband the link and say things like, you’ll never believe what I just found and yeah, I still really want this thing if it’s okay and want me to just go ahead buy it for you for me?



Q for you: Do you put in requests for Christmas (or birthdays)? Why or why not?



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3 responses to “The present I almost got but didn’t (but might still)

  • Laura G

    Oh yeah, I definitely give requests to the hubs for Christmas and birthdays. And I’m definitely guilty of buying that gottahaveit item when it’s a rock bottom deal, and then giving it to him to wrap up for me. To him, it’s sort of a gift in itself when I give specific suggestions – he gets really stressed out about gifts, and what to get for whom. To him, the perfect gift-giving experience is one where he’s got the list, he buys it, and then I unwrap it and am ecstatic to have it. He and I don’t care that I know ahead of time – I still don’t get to open it until Christmas morning and I love the anticipation of knowing it’s under the tree but *just* out of reach!

  • lifelibertyeducation

    I do make a few requests within the budget I allocate. I usually take a phone pic and email it to my dh with price and location. It make his life a little easier and he isn’t guessing (usually wrongly) about the things I really like. (when left to his own devices he gets me things like incense that make me and HIM wheeze). What I really wish though is that he would so kindly return the favor of letting me know a few things within the budget with price and location so that I don’t have to guess (usually wrongly) about what he really likes.

  • alicialabeau

    Ah, this made me smile. My mom and dad have been married for 43 years and she’s resigned herself to buying her own Christmas, birthday, anniversary gifts, etc Because my dad’s half-hearted-last-minute-rush to get what she told him she wanted attempts have failed too many times. Elliot does pretty well with picking out gifts for me, despite his threats every year to get me edible snacks.

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