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Guard your heart

Something happened today. It was only a little thing.

But it hurt my heart just a bit.

Wasn’t directed at me. Didn’t even really involve me.

But I suppose that was the problem. (I’m purposefully staying vague here.)

As I brought my little pang of pain to the Lord this phrase came into my mind out of Proverbs: “Guard your heart for out of it comes everything.” (my paraphrase!)

I know that my response needs to be to “guard my heart”… because the response of my heart will determine my thoughts, and later, my actions.

I need to guard my heart from taking on offense; I need to choose to not dwell there, in that little tiny bit of pain that creeped in.

Mmmm, yes.

I was then reminded of the verse in Phillipians that talks about not being anxious for anything but instead with prayer and thanksgiving bringing my requests to God. For if I do, the peace of Christ will guard my heart.

I’m so glad that this “guarding my heart” business is not all my responsiblity. Yes, I have my part to play… but so does Jesus (the Peace-Bringer).

I guard it. He guards it.

Between the two of us we should pretty much have it covered.

That deosn’t mean it’s always easy.

Most of the time the “my part” can be a little bit hard. (And get in the way of the “his part”.)

But with time and maturity and fear of hte Lord it does get easier.

So tonight I’m guarding my heart in the litle things. Making sure that I don’t take on offense unnessesarily. Making sure that I don’t judge someone else’s actions (or intentions, which I can’t fully know anyway, right??). Making sure that I don’t find my worth in the gestures of people, but instead in the greatest gesture of God.

What is it? That greatest of gestures? It’s gift of his Son, his very self, and the presence of his Spirit.

Tonight, he gets my heart. So glad he knows how to guard it well.



Q for you: How do you guard your heart? Have you ever thought about this concept?




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That little word with such a big meaning (Jesus)


That one little word has such big implication behind it. Such big meaning. Such big misunderstanding. Such big presumption. Such big history. Such big depth. Such big possibility.

There are many names that we call God:









And I could go on and on (and on) with names for a long time. (Trust me, I really could. Though I’m by no means an expert, I’ve studied this stuff a little bit.)

But see here’s the thing about the names of Jesus…

They’re all there for a reason.

Everytime a new revelation of God was given, a new name was also assigned.

God gave the lamb for Abraham’s offering? Jehovah-Jireh, God provides.

See what I mean?

So we’ve called God names like Refuge and Comforter and Healer.


Not just because he does those things.

But because we need those things.

When we are hurt or lonely or disappointed? He is our Comforter.

When we are sick or broken? He’s our Healer.

When we are lost or battered or tossed about? Our Refuge.

God always shows himself to us in the way that we need him to.

When I need a Friend, he doesn’t show up as a King.

When I need a Savior, he doesn’t show up as a Teacher.

When I need a Counselor, he does’t show up as a Prophet.

But he is all those things. (Oh, and so, so much more.)

I’m so grateful that the name of Jesus is far too big to explore in one tiny little five minute post.


Q for you: What do you think of when you hear the name Jesus?


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