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Amazed by amazing stuff

I’m kinda amazed at the timing of God at the moment. Like really, the way certain things have come together lately… it’s amazing.

Totally amazing.

(I’ve already said ‘amazing’, right??)

It’s hard to forget about God when amazing things converge in such obvious ways. (One of the many reasons my faith is what it is.)

I’ve much to learn and understand, but this I absolutely know for certain:

God is alive and real and very much evident.

He’s easy to see if you’re willing.

And amazing. He’s totally amazing.

Did I say that I’m amazed?

Q for you: When’s the last time you were amazed?




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Loose ends coming together

By nature I’m a connector.

I like to know context and history.

I naturally see patterns.

I think it’s part of the creative process – seeing how life is interlocked and overlapping – and then interpreting it all in light of what’s already been.

And when things feel disconnected, I feel fragmented. Somehow.

But this is not one of those times of disconnect.

I feel like I can see through this window of a place I’ve not yet been… but the glimpse of what’s inside is making lots of little things start to make sense.



Relationships forming, vision shaping, web spinning, Word coming.

There’s a Jesus element to it that’s hard to explain.

But it’s there. I feel it in my bones.

One of those seasons that marks a life moving forward.

Loose ends coming together; The beginning of change.



Q for you: Sometimes I write far too late at night and then this is what comes out – stream-of-conscious jibberish. But could you possibly have an inkling of what I’m talking about? What do you feel like when change is in the air?




Click Clink Five | Five minutes a day, unedited