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See ya. I’m outta here.

I’m closing shop for here folks.

Me and the fam? We’re headed out bush for a week of camping. No phone service. No interwebs.


(How will I cope?)

Quite nicely, thank you.

I’m looking forward to a week of being unplugged. Well, unplugged from the internet at least.

I’m taking my laptop. I’ll be continuing my five-minute-a-day posts. (And will dump them here, back-dated when I return to the land of boardband.)

it’s rainy season here int eh tropics. And we’re headed to the dirt. (Lots of dirt.)

I might be having a few more mud baths that I owuld like. But that’s how it goes folks. No control over the weather!

Ryan adn I are co-teaching on three YWAM schools up there. Should be a hoot.

Could be crazy if the little-you-know-who-two-year-old is cooped up in the shed or tent the whole time due to RAIN.

please God, give us some decent weather. I don’t want to bring home shriveled up babies from too much time playing in puddles.

Pray for us guys, if that’s your thing.

And in the meantime, enjoy this quiet place.

I’ll see you when we’re back in civilization.



Q for you: When’s the last time you unplugged from the internet and phone for a week? 1993?




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A stupid little poem

Roses are rred

Violets are blue

Blogging on my phone

Is hard to do

My eyes are all squinty

My fingers feel fat

And I’m sitting in bed

Saying DANG and DRAT

why did I forget

My post of the day

Its really too bad

I had lots to say

It will all have to wait

For another time

My pride hurts a little

Frim making this dumb rhyme

Q for you: Ever tried to blog from your phone? (For the record I wouldn’t recommend it.)


Click Clink Five is a blog by Adriel Booker. | Five minutes a day, unedited. | 2012 All rights reserved. | Adriel also writes on parenting and motherhood at The Mommyhood Memos.

Probably not worth the two minutes it would take to read this

I certainly didn’t think this through very well.

When I decided to start this blog it was all about the disicpline of writing for five minutes each day coupled with the disicpline of leaving it “as is” – unedited. I knew that would be hard. (It is.)

But what i wasn’t thinking about was the fact that though five minutes might be “easy” and “doable”, life doesn’t structure itself neatly around my little ideas.

All day I have been feeling nausious. (For the life of me I don’t know how to spell that one – help me spell check!) By the time tonight rolled around all I wanted was to lay in bed until I either puked or… um, released all the uneasiness in the toilet. (TMI? I think, yes.)

When my husband got home from work I took a three-hour nap. I’m still not feeling better, but I was hungry so I got up. (How I can feel both sick and hungry at the same time is beyond me, but wahtever.)

So I got up, ate some crackers adn then spent the next 20 minutes in teh bathroom. (gross.)

Now I am here.

Why? Becuase I’m stubborn? (I don’t want to let this thing beat me.) Because I’m proud? (I said I would so I neeeed to…) Or because I;m practicing discipline? (The first two hold more water to be honest.)

But what will I do when I travel overseas and across time zones? What will I do when I’m in Papua New GUinea for three weeks later this year where my internet access will be limited? What will I do if I get sick?

Tehse are all questions I did not think about when impulsively starting this project. (Duh.)

So here I am, a crap post “becuase I should”, but it counts for something, right?

Doesn’t the fact taht I’ve “shown up” count for something?



Q for you: How often do you do things you “should”… and then wonder later if you really should?




Click Clink Five is a blog by Adriel Booker. | Five minutes a day, unedited. | 2012 All rights reserved. | Adriel also writes on parenting and motherhood at The Mommyhood Memos.