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Shhh… don’t tell the boys I think trains are boring

We play trains most days around here.

I have to admit, I love building the train track configurations. No two ever the same.

I get to be engineer, designer, problem solver all at once. I like the challenge of trying to make them all fit together and do fancy stuff.

When we first got the train set, Ryan proposed making a table where we could permanently set up the tracks.

I opposed the idea, mostly because of space.

But the other reason is that I think having the same old track set up (like the design the set comes with) is just boring. Don’t get me wrong, the design that the set came with is amazing. But I love the challenge of forging something new.

As much as I enjoy building the tracks, I actually do’t love playing trains as much. I mean, around and around we go. Woops, crash. Start over. I find it boring once the “creative” part is over. (Apart from the fact Levi loves it. That’s nice of course.)

I know I “should” enjoy playing trains with my boys, but really, I’d much rather build legos or read stories or do coloring or playdough.

Thankfully, every train session frist starts with designing and building the tracks. Fun times.



Q for you: Do you steer your kids toward play that you enjoy or do you let them take the lead?




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