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WWJD in the face of a messy toddler meltdown?

I try not to talk too much about parenting on this blog, because that’s what my other one is for.

But… I’m a mom and I spend a lot of time with the littles. A lot. So of course they occupy much of my headspace. And of course my headspace it’s what ends up here on this paper space. Er, web space.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I parent in two areas: discipline and getting my baby to sleep. naturally those are the two issues that I’m most immersed in at hte moment – helping Judah’s basic needs to be met (feeding, sleeping, and cuddles), and helping to shape the foundation for our parenting philosophy and style in the area of disicpline (helloooo, little toddler!).

And since I’m a Christian, I’m asking myself this question a lot: how does God parent me? (Because that should shape how I parent my littles.)

To put it in today’s (cheesy, over-used) terms: Would Would Jesus Do when dealing with a tantrum? or a fussy baby? or being woken up at night? Or food landing anywhere but the little one’s mouth?

I try to imagine Jesus dealing with a toddler in teh midst of a meltdown over toppled blocks and wonder… would he sweep the kid off to a time out? Would he use stern words? would he give him a giant hug? Would he remove a priviledge? would he distract? Would he spank? (Oh, the controversy these responses stir up!!!)

So many questions.

Of course i don’t know all of hte answers. And I can only imagine what Jesus would actually do.

But I do have expereince of how God’s treated me as an “infant” Christian. He was always so gracious, so kind, so slow to anger. His rebuke never felt stern. I can never remember him barking orders. I don’t recall him demanding obedience or punishment. I don’t remember him even removing “privileges” so to speak.

I just remember him loving me. And trusting me. And giving me opportunity and responsibility and the chance to make a difference.

ANd as I grew to love him and know him back, my desire to obey and serve and be like him just naturally followed.

I grew to love what he loves and live by his value system.

Doesn’t mean he never corrected me along the way.

But when he did correct (and still when he corrects me now), he does so gently and with respect.

Often he even whispers, nudges, suggests a better way.

And his boundaries are clear and unchanging and set up for my own good. (And even bring freedom – what a concept.)

How does this translate into how I parent my littles? How does this translate into that moment – life in teh eye of a tantruM?

That’s where the rubber really hits the road.

These are my questions… These are my thoughts…

This is my parenting being shaped.

So. Much. To. Learn.



Q for you: How does your faith shape your parenting?



p.s. Yes, I did go over time on this post. Like a whopping two minutes or something. Yikes, you’d think in two minutes I could have at least fixed up some of those typos! 😉


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Bad mom, good mom? Nope, just best mom.

It’s amazing how–in the space of 48 hours–you can feel like such a terrible mom… and then like supermom.

Yesterday was a scream fest around here.

Don’t ask me why – I have no idea.

If I’d have known, I would have (possibly) known how to fix it.

But I didn’t.

Judah had two all-out screaming episodes, lasting 45 or 60 minutes each. I rocked, I paced, I bounced, I nursed, I went outside,I went in a dark room, I swayed, I sang. I don’t know what else I did (I prayed!), but nothing was working. NOTHING.

And even though I knew that his screaming was not a reflection on my parenting, it’s still hard not to feel like you’re somehow “failing” as a mom when you don’t know how to meet your child’s needs.

Today was a new day.

Levi was hyper. I mean, HYPER. And I was terrified because I desperately needed to go to the grocery store this mornign. (I try to avoid taking both kids if I have to. One is fine, but two can be tricky!)

But i had to do it.

Levi was amazing. Judah slept in teh Ergo. I did my shopping.

Everone was calm and–wallah–shopping done. I felt so good that we stopped for a coffee (and baby chino) and a donut before going home. (Yeah, I was sort-of rewarding myself!)

The rest of the day followed suit – great naps, calm mother, dinner prepped and in the oven by 4:30. Yup, rockstar mummy.

So today I felt like supermom.

I’m not a better mom than I was yesterday. But I do feel better.

Amazing how feelings can, um, make you feel.

Anyway, on “good” days and “bad” – I’m the same mom. Super? Not always… but best? (for my kids)? Yes.



Q for you: How do you keep from “judging” yourself based on others’ behavior?



p.s. Oh, and getting my post finished before 5pm? It really is a supermom day.


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