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We’re contending for the remote control while they’re contending for their lives

Mothers Day is in two days.

What an awesome holiday it is.

Hallmark holiday? Well, maybe. But I think it’s so important to take time to honor the amazing mothers in our lives. (Hi mom! *waving* Love you!)

I realized that although readers of my other blog are well aware of Bloggers for Birth Kits, I should probably post here too since some of my readers are different.

So here’s the deal:

In rural Papua New Guinea the rate of women dying in childbirth is one in seven.

Shocking statistic, I know.

But think about it as more than a number. Think about it in terms of faces.

How many moms do you know that are pregnant? How many do you know that have just given birth in the last year?

Divide that number by seven and then think again.


I know.

The good news is there’s a way to prevent many of these deaths through the distribution (and use) of clean birth kits. In the developing world the leading cause of maternal death is infection, and the kits provide things like soap and plastic gloves and a few other basic supplies that can help create a cleaner birth environment.

And the other good news is that these kits only cost about $2-3 to make. (Seriously.)

I’ve posted all about it here.

To date we’ve raised 3176 kits so far in the last two weeks. An amazing response.

Because the thing is, women love helping women. (And some men love helping women too!)

And every mother knows the love of a mama to her baby.

And no mother can fathom not living through the welcoming of that baby into the world.

So this Mothers Day, as you’re enjoying your breakfast in bed (hopefully!), I urge you to also think of the women in PNG and elsewhere that are contending for their lives (and their babies’ lives) as we contend for the remote control.

If you’re a mom, happy Mothers Day to you for Sunday. If you’re not, well then, happy Mothers Day to your mom.



Q for you: Would you be alive today if you’d given birth in a developing nation? Would your mother??



p.s. The photo is of a package of birth kits I received today from a mom in America. Yay. Thank you. 🙂


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Crook in the guts

In my husband’s words, I am “crook in the guts”, and have been for the last couple of days.

This rarely happens to me, so when it does, I feel like a complete and absoulte sook.

I had started to feel better in the morning, and after only eating some toast and crackers the day before, I was getting extrememly hungry.

Silly me decided to eat lunch as usual. (I was hungryyyyy.)

What happened soon after was not pretty.

I spent the rest of the day in bed, followed by the rest of the evening in bed… and in the loo.

Not a pretty picture.

My stomach cramps were so bad taht I was literally reminding myself that I had just endured over 20 hours of labor.

Buck up Princess.

Thankfully this morning I’m feeling well again.

Well, and nervous.

Not quite sure if I should eat today or not.

Do I follow my hunger cues? Or follow my gut? (haha, terrible pun intended.)

Here’s hoping a new day will bring… a new day.

One minute to spare but I have nothing more to say.

Maybe I’ll add this: I came terribly close last night to seeing if I could wrangle my adult bum into one of Levi’s diapers.

That’s how delusional I was.

Lord help me.



Q for you: When was the last time you were sick? Are you a wuss like me when it comes to handling it?



P.S. I never made it to post this yesterday. New blog fail. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Why not make it sooner?



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