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The goodness of starting fresh

“He is risen!”


“Jesus is Lord!”

Christians say all of these things (and more), but especially on EAster.

And for good reason.

The fact that God became man, moved into our neighborhood, taught people how to follow truth, and then died by incredible injustice… only to come back to life a few days later? Um, pretty amazing. Weird and amazing.

But today as much as I thought of these types of phrases over and over, trying to make one fit… they just didn’t really. (And that’s not for lack of belief or conviction.)

No. Today the words I just kept thinking over and over were…

“God is good.”

Yes, it’s another Chritian cliche… but also for good reason.

You see, God is good. So incredibly good. So amazingly good that he came so that all things and all people might be renewed – made new, born again, given life…

I love all of the metaphores of life that we use to celebrate Easter – the eggs, the flowers, the spring chickens and bunnies.

All of them represent life starting fresh.

And Easter is a time to remember life starting fresh and all of the possibility and wonder and beauty that comes with it.

We remember Jesus’ life starting fresh all over again. But we also remember our own.

Our life that is fresh every. single. day. because of the goodness of a very great God.

So as I draw a close to my very, very good Easter day, I go to sleep with that phrase on my mind – God is good.

And that is for many reasons… including “He is risen, indeed.”

I’m so thankful for my life-giving Jesus.



Q for you: What does Easter mean to you?




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