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The cheapest gift

Remember those days when you could function off of 4 hours of sleep?

When I was twenty(ish) I was often getting tiny, tiny amounts of sleep.  Silly amounts.

I was working full time (often with over time). I was going to college at night. I was involved in all sorts of things at church. And I was enjoying a thumping social life.

There was no time to sleep.

And I loved it that way.

I could easily go to bed at 2am, happily exhausted from all the day held, and still wake up at 6:30 for work the next day.

I thought sleep was boring.

Oh how itmes have changed!

If there’s one thing that makes me crazy (or crazier than usual) it’s not getting enough sleep.

I realized recently that I hadn’t had a full nights sleep in almost a year It wasn’t just having a newborn that made me sleepless, but being pregnant also gave me horrible insomia too.

And having two kids under two is a lot of fun, but also a lot of woek. If I want to do anything uninterrupted I have to stay up past their bedtimes to do it.

Not a good combiation with nighttime feedings and earl morning.s wakings.

One day, not that long ago, I was reflecting on just how lack of sleep makes me crazy (irritable, grumpy, overly emotional) and I decided to crash out early.

Like 8:30pm early.

And then judah slept until 7am the next morning.

7 AM! HellothatmeansIsleptovertenhoursstraight. Yeah!

It was like I’d died and gone to heaven.

Only problem was, that now that he’s done that a few times… he’s set a precident htat I’d love for him to keep!

I’m all for babies developing on their own time, and I personally believe sleeping through the night is developmentatal.

So I’ll wiat. These days won’t last long.

But my, oh my, do I love sleeping when I can.

Want to give me an amazing birthday or christmas or mtoehrs day gift? Find me a dark, quiet place and give me 10 hours.

That’s all I want! Cheap and easy.

Well, maybe not easy.

But cheap!

STOP. (47 seconds over!)

Q for you: lack of sleep makes me a little craaaazy. (And makes me have to say “I’m sorry” a whole lot more!) What makes you crazy?


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