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What if your kid becomes instantly famous?

I can’t watch talent shows anymore without thinking, “what if that was Levi?” (Or Judah.)

It’s crazy to think that in fifteen or twenty years time, one of them could find themselves on a show like The Voice (our current favorite).

When I was a kid I would have watched wondering, “what if that was me one day?” but now my mind automatically leaps to the next generation.

All parents want to raise their kids to have good character and be able to handle themselves well under pressure. But what about the pressure of fame?

What if I was to raise my kids now as if they might someday be instantly famous? What if I was to pour as much into seeing them develop in integrity, self control, kindness, generosity, and humility that they could perhaps one day handle that kind of pressure – the weight of the spotlight?

The thought of that scares me a little. (Okay, a lot.)

Ultimately, I’ll do the best I can. But I’m so glad it doesn’t solely depend on me.



Q for you: What character traits do you think are most important for a person who ends up becoming famous?




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Changing my mind

I’m a very decisive person.

it’s not hard for me to make up my mind.

And usually, I stick with it.

I’m an instinctual decision-maker, rarely weighing things up very much.

“going wit h my gut” has always worked well for me. (Mostly.)

Even though I’m decisive, doesn’t mean I’m unwaivering.

I do change my mind. But if my mind is to be changed, there has to be a really good reason. Generally I don’t fluff around with my stance on things.

But lately I’ve been really challenged in my thinking in one area.

I don’t even know where to pinpoint the source of my challenge…

Something I’ve read? A conversation I’ve had?

Not really.

I’ts more internal, more intuitive.

I think it’s God.

So I’m trying to “weigh” my views, my opinions, my take on this one area.

(I’m being vague, aren’t I? I know.)

But this one’s different, it’s bigger. I can’t just blab about it until I’m sure. (Or at least more sure.)

(And this blog is a bit of a blab.)

Interesting place to be in… changing my mind on something that’s important to me. Like, really important.

But I’m ok with that. I have to be.

The moment I’m absolutely closed to chaning my mind about something is probably the same moment that I’ve lost all shred of humility.

(We don’t want to go there, now do we?)

So I think I’m changing my mind…

But I’m not sure yet.



Q for you: Have you ever changed your mind on a “big” issue, a value issue?




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