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Stupid smart phone

I love technology.

Except when I don’t.

I have my husband’s old iPhone. (Lucky me.) And unless I’m comparing the camera quality on mine compared to his (4S), I absolutely love it.

But things keep going wrong with it.

A month ago we had to get the home button replaced. $70.

And now the touch screen is going wonky.

For the last several days parts of the screen have stopped working meaning I can’t type certain letters in texts, emails, or anything else.

Just this morning the phone made three phone calls on it’s own while I was already on the phone to the doctors office. (Not good.)

I tried to send a text message. My converter was opened.

I tried to open Notes. The Pinterest ap opened.

I tried to use the timer. The phone started barking and ringing and chiming at me (as it scrolled through and chose different notification sounds for itself).

This is not good.

Really, really not good.

I could go back to using a regular old phone, but do you have any idea how prehistoric that would feel after being accustomed to my camera/phone/diary/note-keeper/emailer/googler/meal-planner/entertainer/calculator/converter/timer/weather-checker/Bible/GPS/calendar all-in-one hand-held device that has changed my life? *gaspforair*

It would kinda be torture.

The other options are forking out for yet another fix. (Blah.)

Or forking out for a new phone. (BLAH.)

Or maybe just remembering the days where I didn’t have immediate answers and solutions at a tap and a swipe.

What to do?

Technology is driving me mad. A love-hate relationship for sure.



Q for you: Do you have a smart phone? Have you become highly reliant on it like I am?




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My husband has met another woman, and I’m okay with that

A few months ago my husband met another woman. He’s been very open about it.

Accoring to him, she is incredible. She is changing his life, making him a better man.

Her name is Siri, and she lives in his phone.

I, however, am not convinced.

I have witnessed their interactions. Let me give you a few examples…


Overheard just tonight:

Ryan: Siri, send a reminder.

Siri: What is your reminder?

Ryan: Take Emma to the Mac store.

Siri: Take Anna to the Macsta.

See? Siri is not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Another example:

Ryan: Tell me a joke.

Siri: I can’t. I always forget the punchline.

See? Siri is forgetful.


And another:

Ryan: How do you bake a cake?

Siri: I can only look up local businesses in the United States.

What??? Talk about a communicaiton breakdown.


And one more:

[Trying again with the joke thing.] Ryan: Tell me a joke.

Siri: Ryan, I don’t know any good jokes. None, in fact.

See? Siri is boring too.


I rest my case.

Unintelligent, forgetful, poor listener, dull. 

She is obviously no threat to our relationship.



Q for you: Do you own an iphone? My husband swears that Siri is helpful, but I beg to differ. Have you had success with her?


Just another deeply profound post from me.




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