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Tiny little blog fail

When I wait until the end of the day to write I end up serving up leftovers.

*Head bowed in embarrassment.*

I had several “aha!” moments today as I went about my day – things that I couldn’t wait to sit down and write about.

And now it’s bedtime and I realize I’ve not done it.

Fail. little tiny blog fail.

I suppose it’s no big deal since my readership is pretty tiny.

But you, tiny readership, are important to me.

You deserve more than my leftovers.

You take your time to read what I might say…

And so you deserve better.

“God’s mercies are new every morning.” I’m so glad for this truth.

Tomorrow I will wake up and begin afresh and no doubt I’ll have some riveting story to tell you.

Or maybe I won’t. (Have a riventing story, that is.)

But I will promise you to not bring left-overs to teh table.



Q for you: What are you glad for a fresh start tomorrow for?





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The L word


As a kid I loved left-over night.

My mom would tell me what’s available, I’d draw up a menu, and then I’d happily go take orders from my dad and brother.

It was fun to play the “waitress” with my little pen and pad.

Ryan hasn’t caught on to the wonder of left-over night yet.

He groans whenever his “what’s for dinner?” is met with the L word.

He thinks leftovers are for lunch.

I, on the other hand, think leftovers are for dinner. (Anything to save me from having to cook dinner is wonderful in my books.)

I tell him that we neeeeed to have leftovers because there is no room left in the fridge for anything else.

He reluctanly agrees and eats what he’s served.

Perhaps I should try taking his order with a pen and pad and see if that makes it more fun?


Q for you: How do you feel about leftover night? Yay or nay?


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