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A new hobby for a new year


It’s been twenty years.

Twenty. Years.

That’s the last time I’ve used a sweing machine.

Until tonight.

I’ve been thinking about sweing for a while now. Since I dnot have a whole lot of “free time” right now I thought I’d wait a few years and then look into getting a sweing maching of my own.

But then after Christmas I saw these $300 machines go on sale for $99. And I just so happened to have Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket.

So I did it. I bought a mchine!

I’ve had some projects in mind, but frankly, I’ve been intimidated!

I couldn’t even remember how to thread a bobbin or whatever else I was supposed to know.

Luckily I have several sewing friends in my life.

Today my neighbor (and friend) Kim came and tutored me through it.

I felt like I was re-learning to ride a bike. Shaking. Nervous. A tiny bit fearful. Hesitant.

But also excited!

And you know what? It was like riding a bike! I picked it back up in no time.

Sure, I need a little practice. But even stil, my first project turned out great. I made super hero capes for Levi and his friend Max for their birthdays. (Shhhh… don’t tell them. It’s a secret!) I love the way they turned out and I’m excited to see them running around in them.

So… sewing, I’m baaa-ack.

How fun. A new hobby for a new year.

Merry Christmas to me.



Q for you: When is the last time you tried something new? Or old, again?



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