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Pray for your enemies? Wha??

There’s a saying that goes, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

I get it.

But I probably don’t have any “enemies”.

At least not what I would classify as enemies.

I do, however, have people in my life that I don’t “click” with for one reason or another.

I remember in grade school one day telling my mom about some friend who was “mean” or somehting along those lines.

Looking back now I have no recollection of what friend that even was or what they did to “hurt” me or any details whatsoever.

What I do remember clearly is my mom’s advice:

Why don’t you pray for her?



That’s the last thing I want to do.

But over the years that advice has served me well.

As an adult I’ve actually started implementing my mom’s advice.

That boss I had that one time? That one girl that I worked with? That one friend that sait that one thing?

Yup, they all made my prayer list.

And as I started praying for them something happened.

I changed.

I’m not sure if they did, in fact I’m pretty sure they didn’t. But I did.

The way I saw them changed. The way I cared for them changed. And ultimately the way I related to them changed.

I began to “keep them closer”… in a figurative sort-of way.

It’s a good thing – to love your enemies.

But if you really want to determine in your heart to do that… you’ve got to pray for them first.

Ememies or not, when’s the last time you prayed for someone who rubbed you the wrong way?



Q for you: You may not have what you would consider “enemies” (that’s great), but I’m sure you have people you don’t get along with, or even just people that you don’t like for whatever reason. God never told us to “like” people, he told us to “love” people. How are you loving your “enemies” today?



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